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Some random commissions <3. Buy 1 FFXIV White Mage for $7.99 from our trusted seller Chicks who guarantees 24 Hours Delivery (Offer ID: 155345749). White Mage is just naturally aggressive. The "Enhances Regen" effect on these boots is way too potent to even consider using anything else. Shaydes (100/4000) Why this gear and Materia? Keeping status effects off of your party members is vital. Your other basic cure. PIE: Every 1 PIE = 1 MP. Soloing as WHM can be painful because mana regen can be an issue – at least this helps you out somehow. As I've said before, "Glare" is the skill you're going to want to get most acquainted with. 1 year ago. Nice for those situations where you have to curebomb but your potency is high enough that you don't need to worry about being able to heal for enough. Jobs are more specialized classes and require soul crystals. Keeping Blissful Mind charged or Charging is important, getting that 700 or so MP back every minute is great. Bloodthirst is the only other option, which is also perfectly viable because HP adds to your survivability and give you higher returns on Blissful Mind. Be careful with this ability, I rarely ever use it because gimping your heals is the last thing you want to do as a healer. Wand of Tremors gives VIT+3 which helps your Enhancing Magic and Earth magic Potency +20 which increases your damage output from Stone. Double or Triple slotted Healer's Hand hats can outperform this by having more Healing Magic Potency, but unless you have one that gives +27 Healing Magic Potency at least this is the best option. For example, say your Curaga's cap is 2500 HP. Just use common sense and you should be fine. Curaga will cure HP of party members up to a certain amount. But if there's a situation where you need to nuke (like on Whiskerwall during Moogle), keep in mind that you have this ability, 20% is a substantial increase in damage. Jan 7th 2019 Added all new items from patch 4.5! 5 minute duration, 30 second recast. Base stats that affect you and their mechanics: Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts, https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/w/index.php?title=White_Mage:_A_Guide&oldid=1103872, Healer's Hand [Healing Magic Potency +]on Wand. Ayameko (1500/2500) Everyone should know the basics of every class in my opinion, it just makes it a lot easier to plan around things. : Every 1 MND adds about 0.25 HP to cure and 0.5 HP to cura, however since MND adds healing magic potency as well for every 4 it really translates to ~0.5625 HP per cure and 1.125 HP per cura. Other White Mages are last simply because they have cures too, and potent ones at that. The range on it is pretty short, so you'll need to get close to the people you want to hit with it. Discussion in 'Disciples of Magic' started by Boozemuse, Sep 17, 2013. Added Blue Mage base stats! It will give healing priority to those with lower HP. If you need to make it single target, combo it with Aero. FFXIV White Mage. Level 34 skill reminder – Stoneskin: Ah, this skill. For point allotment, you'll want 23 into MND and 22 into VIT. Everyone on every class should have a separate battle log somewhere that has everything hidden except Successful Hostile Actions by Enemies and Others. If you're getting low on MP, say so. But it's still a good thing to know what your target's plan is going to be so you can plan around it. Curaga would cure Shaydes for 1250 HP, Alderton for 200 HP, and Ayameko, yourself, and PT Members 5-8 for 0. As a WHM, this means queuing up cures in reaction to an enemy readying a hard-hitting move, such as Coincounter using Glower or 100-Tonze Swipe. Enhancing Magic Potency is the only thing that affects Regen. Still, if you have time in between spells and enough MP to help with it, it's definitely useful. Pages in category "White Mage Set" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 481 total. get PDF source. Fixed issues with items missing for Blue Mage. There are two ways to unlock the White Mage in FF14. 1 minute recast. You should adjust your HUD to make it CLEAR when you’ve hit a proc. See White Mage Spell List for where to find spells as well as other information. Fully restores HP of all party members within range. If you are the main healer, your curing priority should ALWAYS be: The reason being: If the tank goes down, you failed your role. One of your most efficient healing tools. Weaving the hand-signs of Ten, Chi, and Jin, you can pull off devastating attacks. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; The cap for Regen at level 50 is 203 HP per tic. Every 4 VIT = 1 Enhancement Magic Potency. Most of the time I find that I don't even need it. All Rights Reserved. Increases Defense and Elemental Resistances of party members within AoE of target. (Will paginate this once 3.0 portion is completed). 5 second recast. Blessed Ring's +15 Healing Magic Potency makes it the obvious choice for WHM. If you haven’t, you can go ahead and buy a Keepers Hymn from your Grand Company supplier and do so. FFXIV 5.0 Visual Guide for White Mage [Guide] ... White Mage didn't – Stone, Aero and Cure all had their own colours – but now there will be an abundance of blue. Mor Dhona is the next logical step, but it’s often not very populated. A staple buff of WHM. (Also, Wineport ELN), At around level 35 you can move to Coerthas Central Highlands. If you’re here, then you’re probably interested in learning a little bit more about White Mage gameplay. FFXIV ARR Forum - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. If you're silenced, say so. Pick anything to hold you over until you get Blessed Earrings. No other real options for earrings, and the +5 Healing Magic Potency makes this an obvious WHM piece. Enhancing Magic Potency is the only thing that affects Stoneskin. The Enhances Cure gives a substantial bonus (seems like it's about 10%) to all cures (Cure, Cura, and Curaga) so it's by far the best body piece you can have. As such, one of the biggest necessities as a healer is to KEEP YOUR PARTY INFORMED. This is of course until they implement a food with Healing Magic Potency or Enhancing Magic Potency, at which time those will be the best options by far. To see a side by side comparison of Artifact/Relic sets visit White Mage Artifact/Relic Sets Comparison. Share on tumblr. If you pull hate on something, at least you can get MP back. Looking through reddit, I can't find any verified data on HoTs being affected. It’s Raya-o-Senna, located in Camp Tranquil, South Shroud (18, 27). Cure and Cura: Curaga then had 1050 HP left, however since the other 6 party members are all at full HP, Curaga continuously moved on to each party member, curing them for 0. As of now it only generates extra enmity when used with a damaging ability, so healing does not generate any extra enmity. 15 minute recast. PT Member 8 (3000/3000). For example, if you have 307 MND, the turnover values are 304 and 308 so you'd get the 0.56 and 1.125 returns for every point of MND UP TO 304, and the extra 3 MND you have only provide the MND bonus of 0.25 and 0.5. Keep this up on party members at all times. For these examples we'll use a hypothetical party of 4 members: Shaydes (4000 HP), Alderton (3000 HP), Ayameko (2500 HP), and yourself (2500 HP). For a MND crown to be comparable for cures to WHM AF crown (+25 Healing Magic Potency) it must have at least +50 MND.

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