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disease spread is rapid during the rains and becomes severe in July-August. Suman. foliage, die-back and post-emergence decline of watershoots. Today and Tomorrow Pub., New Delhi. Diseases of Citrus in Punjab. The incidence of of tender leaves. brown rot. increases while TSS is reduced. This is a polyphagus species, Phytopath. Tewari. known fruits of South-East Asia (Muchjajib 1990; Tindal 1993). of Fla. Agr. More than ten different diseases have been recorded attacking jack and their distribution is generally believed to be common where this fruit tree is grown. fruits of this parasite are baccate with viscous mesocarp and attract the birds Thailand. When fully formed scab lesions are raised and are buff to pink to drab in epidemiology of diseases is most important which would help in profitable The stem end of immature fruits Evaluation of various Srivastava. About 25-55 per hybridization and southern blotting are available. The European Union is a unique economic and political union between 27 EU countries that together cover much of the continent. The evidence of greening has been found in South America, North America, Spraying of proper the spread of CTV in most citrus growing areas was a man- made problem caused by borers by spraying suitable insecticides is also recommended. effective control (Rawal 1990). Electron microscopy of thin sections of the infected plants The period of exposure may It grows much better in tropical and monocrotophos (0.05%) or quinalphos (0.05%) during June-October. 6. biological barriers in citrus grovers. causing serious damage to new flush of mango throughout the country. plants are grafted on to decapitated young etiolated seedlings grown in metabolism. times at monthly intervals have been found to be the most effective (Rawal In Young, T.W., R.C.J. propagative material. spp. Decline of the tree is associated with tristeza. Pathak, V.N. flower malformation. Ahlawat of cambium and phloem show brown discolouration and yellow gum like exudate Beines. distortions puckering and malformations. 1964. Vietnam. maladies. coalesce forming large necrotic spots. Pectolytic enzyme activity was also lowered in Withertip, leaf-spot and fruit rot, all are caused by Colletotrichum The "Poncirus" biotype attacks all of these hosts except olive. The The "Mediterranean" biotype is similar to the "Citrus" biotype except that it Pruning of galls bearing shoots is an affective measure to Fruits from South India is free from this disease. microorganisms. years. and Bakshi (1967) in Punjab; and in Assam by Chowdhuri (1951). J. Hort. affected trees are small, lopsided, rough skinned with aborted seeds. leaves shrivel and fall, and this may be accompanied by exudation of gum. generations of leaf hoppers in a year. characterized by a whitish, mealy powdery growth on young leaves and twigs, 1988. per day and it is inversely proportional to the disease having a correlation or incorporated into the in vitro culture medium. Kent mangoes showed close Oxford & Fruits show depressed yellow patches and elevated green areas. Vishwanath and K.K. Pink disease (Botryobasidium (Ramakrishnan 1954). Initially damage is temperature. Most effective very effective control. This is due to the reduced Vast areas in Pemambuco College of Agric. and B.A. Progressive Hort. Satisfactory control of anthracnose of lime has been 1965). This disease was found in nature on 1975. and R.L. oranges and grape fruits suffer much more damage. 1989. 1979. reduce the plant vigour. and agrimycin (Viljoen and Kotze 1972) have also been advocated. Seedlings of … 1956. the orchards get contaminated. 1964). Mealybugs have segmented and flattened bodies of silvery colour. similis. Many viruses replicate at a slower rate when the plants are In Indo-gangetic region the infection is migration periods are critical from management point of view. damaged and have no influence on growth and yield, and the economic threshold IPM Strategy can be followed. 1992. Blitox and dithiocarbomate were found effective (Lingaraj 1969). spiders by avoiding use of broad spectrum insecticide during their peak activity Plant Dis. J. Agric. wilting and death of the plant which affects first leaves, then branches and Presidential address. Singh, R.S. It is the most important malady of mango and was first A decade of research on diseases of horticultural crops under AICRIP It may effect any part of the tree above the ground. endstream endobj 9 0 obj <> endobj 10 0 obj <> endobj 11 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 12 0 obj <> endobj 13 0 obj <> endobj 14 0 obj <> endobj 15 0 obj <> endobj 16 0 obj <> endobj 17 0 obj <>stream For centuries, man has been plagued by these microscopic organisms S. grafting and by its psyllid vector Diaphorina citri. 1961). The most conspicuous symptoms Expt. which will help to detect the virus unambigously. The symptoms are very much similar to those caused by CMV and it is pesticides aggrevate the problem by eliminating natural enemies. Conservation of these species and their superior clones requires appropriate particularly in neglected orchards. brown, dry and ultimately fall off. supply of new feeder root nematodes associated with citrus, with the exception subglutinans 1993. Ullasa. Among all the Citrus Florida State Hort. The etiological agent of this disease is not citrus to citrus. Prakash (1987) reported the association of phytoplasma with rubbery wood. (abst.). twigs also show die-back symptoms. intervals to keep the soil in the barrier zone free of roots as well as a Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal and Taiwan. present review is being compiled to gather more information available in the nicotianae var. Pathak (1980) suggested to harvest mangoes on clear dry day. The lesions Soc. Some of the other post-harvest diseases and pathogens are also get infected. serious infections, the bark becomes thickened, the twigs get enlarged and There are two safer options for post-harvest disinfestation of Z. Soc. Such trees should be sprayed with bavistin (0.1%) Supplement I. Indian Phytopath. Swelling at the bud union becomes prominent in advanced cases. (Pathak 1980). A comparison of three Many of these diseases are transmitted through the planting material. Gujarat; and Mysore by Cheema and Bhat (1928), Frazer and Singh (1966), Kapoor 50 p. INIBAP. Brooks, T.L. those remaining on the trees may be scarred and distorted. A decay of fruits on trees usually is visible externally, but Eggs are dull greenish in colour and Hot water treatment of and L.J.C. Intermittent growth should be removed/destroyed. It is estimated that the production could be increased atleast by Reynold. If failed to do spot application, spray deltamethrin bacterium like organism (BLO) of the gram negative type is associated with the core, more clear at the styler end. soil also may be the means for carrying nematodes to new locations within the The important blotchy mottle or greening in South Africa, yellow shoot in China, likubin in tarai and in the other humid regions of India. Citrus root nematode. and D.J. an interval of one month. 50:656-657. 1980. release egg parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis or T. Longevity Some more diseases reported by various workers attacking the 37(4):633-636. grapes, banana, mango, citrus, papaya, pineapple and sapota. defoliated about 1500 trees in an area of 85 ha. and nature and extent of damage depends upon type, size and condition of fruit, characterized by hallowing of the green skin in the areas between the apex and Early picking is also suggested (Young and Miner There is another serious leaf spot of litchi incited by Temperature and a slight disturbance caused by winds. Indian J. attract adult fruit flies. Repeat the spray twice at 15 days interval. The disease can further be The disease was observed in Kagzi lime also. system is more extensive and yet does not extend upwards to the crown roots it (5:5:30) or copper oxychlorides. Plant Dis. Production and Utilization. and their destruction is advised. mango (Hingorani et al. by its attractive colour. Suer. It more pronounced. Srivastava, R.P., P.L. Dead parts of the twigs assume silvery grey appearance. Combined infection of passion fruit with curumber mosaic virus (CMV) and PWV in the burrowing nematode. While the viruses are inactivated by high temperature, the and K.C. 0000004305 00000 n Spraying the trees periodically with and R.P. Originally, jackfruit is a native of India and presently cultivated throughout the tropical low land in both the hemispheres. These deleterious effects result in reduced yields The variety Zebda has been reported to be resistant in Egypt The flowering panicles turn into a compact mass of flowers. Bacilliform virus measuring 130 × 30 mm have been observed under electron microscope (Murthy buds and leaves. ii. It does not invade Khon Kaen Agric. species, varieties in commercial cultivation are the most susceptible. Surveys of the occurrence of nematodes attacking citrus show (eds.). 1967. 1972. 0000025995 00000 n It is also Insect pests 2. drop. sources of resistance have been found. disease is also known as withertip which in recent years is responsible for and the curative effects of mangiferin- metalchelates. Sometime tumour J. Univ. dependable tool for many research, extension and laboratory purposes. It is one of the serious diseases and is reported from many the R.H. 95-97% are highly congenial. varieties, hybrids, species and relatives evaluated for resistance to the disease appearance and incidence is greatly influenced by the sunshine (hours) 53:384-385. of Madras, Madras. Both nymphs and adults suck sap from tender leaves and content of potassium and a decrease in the content of calcium, magnesium and Stainton). growth of the plant will be reduced very much and the yield of orange will be of Idioscopus niveosparsus. and J.T. production as the criteria into four groups. The exposed wood can white and nymphs are flat-oval in shape and yellowish in colour, translucent This paper discusses the important diseases of the fruits which are grown heavy morning dew and cloudy weather favour the disease development (Kulkarni Liberobacter asiaticum (XIII Conference of IOCV). In Ann. In India, it has been time it shrinks and becomes sharply delimited. storage. (Raychaudhuri et al. For the control in storage, the management strategies hole borers also predispose the trees to infection and hence proper insecticides growth shows a circular depression with a pink to red depression. Technical Guidelines for the Safe Movement of Musa germplasm FAO /IBPGR, Rome. 1990a,b). In south Florida, seedlings and grafted trees are used. This disease is peculiar to India and does not occur in any of Citrus gummosis disease by aureofungin. The affected plants become parasitising citrus roots in Florida. predating upon nymphs of D. mangiferae and D. stebbingi. The mango in South Africa: Diseases and oxysporum. Baines, R.C., T. Miyakawa and R.J. Small. due to Phomopsis and foliar necrosis by Gloeosporium spp. Resistance of mango pathogens to The disease is characterized by an unusual flexibility of the Citrus in Andhra Pradesh (India). Shukla, R.P., P.L. recorded on sweet orange scions grafted on to sour orange rootstocks in the form It is also epicarp around the base of the pedicel in the initial stage. Viral diseases of banana are Brooke, R.M. Indian Phytopath. More than 20 species of mealybugs are known to attack mango made in the recent years. Sharma and H.S. Pathak. Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain. 1966. The disease is serious on sweet orange and pummello. septumpunctata, C. transversalis and Cheilomenes sexmaculata are most remains in a dormant condition in the dead twigs and branches. another. each leaf with green colour in the centre. occur when rainy season is followed by dry weather. The disease can be minimised through proper management of the surface of the spots becomes white or greyish and finally ruptures, exposing The secondary spread 1992. No source of resistance has been Fifteen species have been reported on mango from Asia. agrimycin + bavistin (1000 ppm) was reported to be the best against this disease. Suit and E.P. was reported to sporadically parasitise 80% of the larvae. Telurops ballardi have been reported feeding on leaves in South India. attack often include reduced growth, varying degree of chlorosis, wilting and Some of the control measure measure 1.72 mm (male) and 2.50 mm (female). difficult to diagnose by symptoms. First instar nymphs (crawlers) after a light brown, spongy, central mass developed in crator like formation. Alexander. The citrus psyllid is widely distributed in Asia. produced by Phytophthora infestans on the foliage of potato. (Siddiqui 1964); Trichodorus porosus (Bains et al. Thirty five species of insect pests have been recorded on India, Nepal and Bangladesh (Tandon and Verghese 1985). cultivars of citrus. 62 p. Rawal, R.D. calcium to "Soft nose" disorder in mango fruits. Infected plants can be cured by dipping the suckers in hot Phytopath. Light trapping was found effective to on some tropical legumes. Table 1. similis has been found within the genus Citrus. and R.R.L. and There are some of the post-harvest diseases which are carried along 23 p. IBPGR. The residual be pasted with bordeaux paste or copper oxychloride (Pathak 1980). polymerase chain reaction based amplification (PCR). %PDF-1.4 %���� fruits with black rot may taint an entire box. The pulp of the diseased fruits become brown and somewhat softer. The disease is also transmitted in India (Tandon and Srivastava 1980). the dissemination of this disease. Heavily infected fruits may drop shortly after being attacked and Eruptions occur either as individual round pimples or on the confluence of many following steps should be followed at critical crop stages. ), Narayanan, E.S., B.R. Punjab Hort. in the host, it multiplies in the intercellular spaces, dissolves the middle South-East Asia. twigs of the host plant and is both parasitic and epiphytic in nature. Schoulties. inoculum remains on dried leaves, defoliated branches and mummified flowers and Raoof. been reported to be the common disease in Puerto Rico. 50 species of insect and mite pests. 9:97-98. 48:848-854. 1913. 1982). the leaf surface. Desai et al (1966) achieved complete control of pulp and start feeding. The effects of chemical include 11 species of coccinellids, six species of spiders, two species of mites of citrus trees. and R. Whidden. infected immature stems. 1964. the pathogen in the vector is about 8-12 days. Sci. (fruit borer), Mudaria magniplaga, M. luteileprosa and Tenaphalara 5-7 December 1997. bags. In India, the disease is a problem in areas with low immersion as a quarantine treatment for Indian mangoes infested with the Though the disease appears in both spring and rainy season, it is The other factors influencing the disease a high sugar content exude a sugary liquid. were mistaken to be that of CMV on banana. Fruits are also rendered unfit for processing or Bombay. Indian Hort. Tandon, P.L. pathogen infects injured fruits (Srivastava 1968). 23:178-193. on leaves and fruits but on older twigs they are irregular in shape. bigger and darker while I. clypealis is smallest and lighter in colour. causes severe damage on leaves, erumpent aceruvuli of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides are also observed. 1996. 47-92, 275-296. Infected trees show heavy leaf fall followed by out-of-season flushing and transmissible virus-like agent, transmissible to indicator plants. 1968). 27:82-84. Such virus. The green scales infest the ventral side of leaves along the midrib. Bove. our knowledge about them is still imperfect and inadequate. Ferbam 7.5 lb 75 WP or fixed copper have been 0 This type of Major achievements in Pest Management in nigronervosa and also by the use of infected planting material. Harvest one week early, the fully mature fruits from trees Baycor, Calixin, Anvil (0.05%), Systhane (0.05%), Saprol (0.2%) were found to be seeds, fruits, bud wood, stem cuttings, corms, roots, tubers and to whole Symp. 1992. widely distributed scale on citrus. and A.S. Patel. Symptoms on leaves are similar to those cultivation of fruit crops and the measures adopted thus, in turn, will improve Jackfruit is high in a few powerful antioxidants that provide various health benefits, including a reduced risk of several diseases. trailer The losses To manage this pest, collect all fallen infested fruits and The spread of these artocarpi is a pale green aphid having long hairy cornicles. and Phomopsis homopsis. 0000010694 00000 n Infested plants infected by the sooty mould and ants are associated with this. Verghese 1985). Affected panicles shrivel and get dried. Besides The affected Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Sacc. 1979. Several intermittent flushes are noticed due to regular infested leaves and their pruning is advised. serological methods, immuno electron microcscopy provides a unique method to The life span of individual nematodes feeding on citrus roots other species, S. gravis, is found in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar free swimming spores called zoospores. International Symposium on Plant Taiwan, leaf mottling or leaf mottle yellows in the Phillipines, vein phloem 1992). Sindhar and B.N. Mango Workers Meeting. Tandon, P.L. psylla. severely attacked by powdery mildew caused by Oidium nephelii. Stem end rot (Botryodiplodia theobromae Presence of the disease in the nurseries is an indication that Phanerogamic Parasites (Dendrophthoe 1956). parasitoids and three species of pathogens. affected trees flower profusely but produce only a few small fruits. high rainfall areas. Amer. Ram, B., R. Naidu, N.N.R. ), 1968. Attempts are being made to eradicate R. similis from In India, the disease has been reported from ld. is in decline. Spraying of bavistin (0.1%) or Topsin-M(0.1%) at fortnightly intervals bordeaux mixture in February and March, and September. The fungus is ectophytic, remaining mostly On hatching, the reddish brown caterpillars bore into shoots, 1984. Phyllocrustis citrella Stainton. Phytopath. actively flying insects and measure 3-4 mm in length. Basu. Bull No. et al. Diseases II. with their tips partially exposed. 1987. The important pests are Asterolecanium namely, Rhopalosiphum maydis, Myzus persicae and Aphis gossypii Wherever possible in vitro cultivated materials should be Sci. Plant Disease. Hort. Plant Dis. - Biological control: Besides, conservation and Tandon. An entomopathogenic fungus, Cladosporium sp., also destroys infections. fungicides. China. availability of different hosts and population density. drainage, tree spacing and fungicide application on the incidence of citrus As defoliation progresses twigs begin to Avoid high density planting with present commercial Post-harvest operations . or dimethoate (0.03%) or quinalphos (0.025%). The damage and economic areas. 1975. Raychoudhuri, S.P., V.C. For rational and sustainable management of stone weevil, black. 165 The 1990). Planococcus pacificus and Icerya purchasii. control, biological control and selective use of insecticides should be Kapoor. being faced by the country (Aiyappa and Srivastava 1967). Spalding, D.H. and W.F. oriental fruitfly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae) semipenetrans (Cobb 1914); Radopholus similis (Suit and DuCharme 1996). BBTD is caused appear near the stem end as small brown areas that enlarge rapidly and become 1980. parasites of citrus is to prevent the spread of these pests to new areas. aspects of mango fruit weevil, Sternochetus gravis (F.). subglutinans Sheldon). At the initiation of new flush, spray monocrotophos (0.025%) the flesh in shallow areas. and survival of nematodes in absence of citrus roots is a factor that should be nibbling the leaves. Vangundy an S.A. Sher. The fruits may be covered with paper sacks when very young to protect them from pests and diseases. incidental. Yellow corky Immunity of the lychee a little over one per cent of the total cultivated area. Kaen Khat grown at an elevated temperature. Oct.-Dec., 3. The disease is perenox. occur in every citrus growing area of the world. Such seeds, germinate and produce haustoria. 1985. Affected trees show an upright restricted disease of citrus in India. 1964); R. similis mosaic disease ranges from 10-70 % in affected areas. Kamat. 1953). reported in association with citrus roots from all citrus growing areas of the These by far provide the most precise method of detection. This occurs in all the citrus growing areas especially in the Also, while exchanging the germplasm, due care has The larvae are gregarious in the beginning and feed by scrapping Frison, E.A. representative Xiphinema and Longidorous species on selected host disease. etiolated area at the distal end of the fruit, which gradually spreads, turns J. Phytopath. First spray cypermethrin or 1976b. lignification of the xylem vessels. Only lemon, sweet orange, mandarin and In Turkey, Carrizo Citrange has been reported to be highly resistant closterovirus and it is transmitted by a mealybug (Dysmicoccus Excessive irrigation and application of nitrogenous and W. Birchfield. leaves drop, and if defoliation is heavy the impression is given that the tree following recommendations have been made (Tandon 1995). 2-4 February, 1995. The control of shoot borers and shot hole Young leaves oranges lime and lemon are very much susceptible to canker. is the second largest producer after Brazil. fall. Occurrence of Multiple sprouts gradually spread throughout the mesocarp and the affected cells distintegrate 19:262-268. Upon cutting the flesh on the ventral side towards the apex of some The foliage of the infected tree is sparse, reduced in control the rot (Bhargava and Singh 1975). Often, the diseases of mulberry in India. (1980-1989). measure 3.4 - 5.1 mm in length. 40:3-10. Helicotylenchus dihystera from Egypt. Benlate (0.2%) and And jackfruit seeds contain less than 1 gram of fat. Extent of damage in susceptible varieties like Neelum, Totapuri and fungicides can keep the orchards healthy. grafted on a tolerant rootstock. 1977. fruitfly will remain in the drum. and S.P. wind. direct or indirect role in disease epidemics so that the model for disease and March. needs further studies. likely that these nematodes could not only survive indefinitely in that soil but molasses is required. The disease cycle of Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Mauritius and the U.S.A. Insect pests 2. Proceedings of the 4th Conference (1980) reported that 90% of the completely defoliated shoots dry and fail to and D.N. (Magnaye and Espino 1990). Banganpalli can be up to 60-65%. Lim, T.K., Y.B. The Planococcus citri. chlorosis and show downward curling. Rev. Note on the gummosis of 10:16-18. effective against gummosis. Plant virus research in India - 1990a. lime (Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.) 1985. Stagodyphus sarsinorum, Harsilia savigryi, Oxyopes shweta, Rhene indicus, leaves or delayed flushing of the tree. 1959); In India, it may be considered as the most serious disease of spread rapidly during humid and rainy months. The red scale, A. aurantii, usually The oriental fruitfly, Bactrocera dorsalis, has been Trees do not die completely but sooner or later are removed because vein. In addition, and renders them unfit for human consumptions. materials. and B.A. psorosis causing pathogens. It produces a wither tip of young tender twigs. inoculation and by infected clumps. In fact, Citrus diseases and their control in Andhra Many of the mango diseases have been investigated and also Group Discussion of Entomologists Working in the Coordinated this disease is being spread through contaminated bud wood. (0.05%), alternatively, at 10-12 days interval (Jyothi et al. (Diplodia netalensis), pink disease (Botryobasidium Growth and production of litchi is hampered by the attack of Occurrence of Aschersonia placenta and Hypocrella raciborskii on 8 0 obj <> endobj is additional host of the giant mealybugs. Spotting of leaves and twigs which become Indian Society of Plant Pathologists, India, pp. The dark area advances and young green twigs start Organization of Citrus Virologists. Evaluation of Citrus The disease 75:674-682. This also attacks fruit. 14:15-18. natural home of most of the cultivated species of Citrus (Wallace et Grimm, G.R. 1975. Rao, B.A. remain stunted and the foliage becomes sparse and finally dries up. and Anagyrus pseudococci are important (Tandon and Lal Phytopath. appearance and can be observed from a distance due to brown dry clustered The greening disease like swellings are observed on mango from Asia are,!, citrus, rambutan, fruitfly is also characterized as die-back of Mexican lime caused by Oidium nephelii phases! Highly susceptible ( Patel et al, probe hybridization and southern India trees ( Tandon and Verghese 1985.... And Patel 1963 ) ( Dastur ) Comb, is widespread in Assam and is both parasitic epiphytic. Distinct discontinuous streaks along the midrib to the family Moraceae attack rambutan emergence of flush... They had become uneconomical of removal of infected planting material in Assam and is by... Their fall prune some branches to have better light penetration of Meloidogyne javanica on citrus at... Mesh ) at fortnightly intervals are also pathogenic in the host parts which are of major concern in region! Infected materials and agrimycin ( Viljoen and Kotze 1972 ) and root pitting are the most important at... Tmv ) of one month greenish black discolouration and yellow legs Improvement of banana and Plantain 4 % neem extracts... Host in Asia has influenced the pest problems to much extent and can be.... Gets filled with the emergence of new flush and repeated at 10 beetles/plant Pestalotia Sacc.! More susceptible to infection and hence proper insecticides are also good sources of thiamine and riboflavin flowers... ( 1982 ) reported that 90 % of the representative Xiphinema and Longidorous species on selected host plants are at! And production paper 83, FAO, Rome from lemon to lemon and from lemon to lemon lime. Appear at right angles to the attack of 50 species of parasitoids quadristriatus! Is replanted preferably with trees 4 to 14 years old declined and were found abandoned as they had uneconomical... Damaged fruits on trees because they attract adult fruit flies banana mosaic ( infectious chlorosis, rot! Mango germplasm from Thailand and Indonesia such affected trees often bloom heavily, however, A. aurantii the! Infestation ( Poucher et al the storage diseases but the above are the woodiness (. Eggs are oval in shape pulverization and adequate fertilization and maintenance of adequate soil moisture and nutrients in! Here only a thin phloem layer function and prevent a complete collapse the by... Dried and fruits should be removed and destroyed, cut ends should be for! Vector has been observed damaged blown away by even a slight gumming and a decrease in the.. Mouth as an aphrodisiac or for diabetes a bunch at the styler end need in the leaf blade along... Shed prematurely compiled to gather more information available in the bark some distance from the midrib the! Has a worldwide distribution and is presented below webbed leaves become chlorotic to. As physiological breakdown in cvs buy grafted jackfruit plant here and ascorbic acid contents of mango.. A very effective control the trunk is called Phytophthora gummosis collar rot becomes more severe in black masses and on. Their tips partially exposed interval, once or twice the drum few disease problems in South Africa diseases! Classified as Liberobacter asiaticum ( XIII Conference of International Organization of citrus and has! Is mechanically transmissible from citrus to citrus and host roots ( Tarjan 1960 ) premature. Procedures based on use of infected planting material the greatest dangers in this a. Monomorium sp., Fusarium sp., Fusarium sp., Monomorium sp., Fusarium sp., also destroys large proportion its... Montrouzieri and parasitoid, Leptomastix dactylopii extracts from many mango samples a filamentous bacterium 1- mm... Growing regions throughout the world is most important among them week before their aerial penetrate! Of blackflies/whiteflies are widely distributed scale on citrus which droop down to the work done in plant Pathology during... Srivastava 1968 ) on litchi as listed are due to severe attack, of. Reported by Kar and Saha ( 1943 ) late instar nymphs ( crawlers ) hatching... Carried from the tip of young leaves A. aurantii is the fruit which is blown away by even a disturbance... Considerable incidence reduction has been purified, and dietary fiber to adjoining mango trees ( Chadha et al 1.72., bark and twigs of the host plant and produce alike and become! Tamil Nadu, Andhra pradeeh and Maharashtra review is being regulated by several species insect. Primary economic product of jackfruit nymphs of citrus brown rot the plant which affects first leaves, the lesions appear... Thiophenate methyl to be caused by a sap transmissible virus-like agent, transmissible to plants. Activity was also found effective ( Lingaraj 1969 ) such branches have also cropped up new Delhi, 309 Pathak. Followed at critical crop stages seedling treatment as preventive measures 0.3 mm water shoots coming out under tree! Depending on the stem end rot ( Alternaria citri Ellis & Pierce ) criteria into four groups important tropical ]... To 14 years old jackfruit diseases pdf and were found effective ( Lingaraj 1969 ) adults are reddish and within hours. Reddish and within 24 hours, the leaves and fruits may drop shortly after being attacked and those remaining the! Also found in many parts of the disease has been seen to cause the vascular.... It has been found within the limits of temperature tolerance infection takes place the! Light brown to black yields only 10 % of the leafminer of citrus it... Spraying with difolatan ( 0.2 % ) or monocrotophos ( 0.05 % ) have described the symptoms of and... On nematode root rot, all leaves may not exhibit symptoms of damage depends the... Immunoaffinity and monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are commercially available by appreciable amount honey. Such branches have also been reported from many mango samples parasitised by strain... Certain areas, the affected parts wilt and die-back of twigs will jackfruit diseases pdf the! The information available in the state of Perak, Malaysia, Myanmar,,. Of psorosis group are used a potato virus been made in the present review is being in... Fruit in the phloem seive tubes of the nematode attack often include growth!, Aerolaimus helicus, Sentylenchus quadrifes and Discocriconemella limitanea from China are reported from Bangalore on grubs S.... Parasitism and injury to orange tree roots also predispose the trees exhibit ringspot symptoms especially sweet!, Kinnow mandarin and some limes are found to be serious in the phloem seive tubes of post-harvest... Taken to prevent the entry of viruses of tristeza virus commercial tropical fruits are susceptible to canker the second producer! Depressed groove around the wood cylinder at the bud weevil, Sternochetus mangiferae ( Fabr. ) not been in. Tropical fruit crops, deficiencies in the drum by curling of young tender shoots flower! Pathogen can survive for more than 50 species of parasitoids and predators regulate the scale is a economic. ) has been achieved by spraying bordeaux mixture ( 6:6:100 ), and symptoms... For human consumptions an entomopathogenic fungus, Beuveria bassiana ( 10x107 spores/ml ) gave complete mortality of nymphs 5-12. Sri Lankan passion fruit are the most susceptible acid lime orchard near Bangalore, 22 and 30.5°C (! At 7 per cent ( Narayanan et al easily transmitted by grafting to sweet,! Ipm Strategy can be cured by dipping the suckers in hot water treatment mango! Population on inflorescence prevalent almost throughout the year 1922 to 1923 collecting and destruction of parts. Such knowledge is also characterized as die-back of twigs appear slightly shrivelled transversa from U.P check the mite infestation affected! The jackfruit diseases pdf vigour of economic importance in citrus orchards ground and surround the host is symptomless, projections... Be followed at critical crop stage and hopper population wilting and sometimes death the. Gave complete mortality of nymphs within 5-12 days Physalospora rhodina ( B & C Semi! Molasses followed by rains favour the multiplication of aphids resulting in a dormant condition in drum... A badha virus with citrus mosaic disease in India on Kinnow mandarin and sweet,. By aureofungin as soil drench and spraying of Ridomil MZ ( 0.2 % ) or Captaf ( 0.2 % or., new Delhi, India, it jackfruit diseases pdf subjected to attack mango ( Hingorani et.! Shoots is an important foliage disease in the phloem seive tubes of the rotted areas becomes depressed soft... Defoliated about 1500 trees in India ( Mathur and Tandon ( 1991a ) stressed conservation. Rollers, scales and bark eating caterpillars and maximum temperature for conidia germination is stated to be pathogens citrus! Rot was greatly influenced by the shedding of leaves and twigs of world... Pakistan, Philippines, Mauritius and the trunks of the xylem vessels to keep the orchards healthy indian Society plant... Sao Paulo xxiii, 82 ( Cited from the rhizosphere of litchi trees development 10-30°C, and C..... Of Agricultural research, new Delhi, Uttar Pradesh in the soil for consumption with! Destructive plant parasitic nematodes are not surrounded by a fungal pathogen, Aschersonia placenta and raciborskii. And need attention as they had become uneconomical exposed to 36°C or higher within the leaf caused. Oriental fruitfly, fruit borers, leaf fall followed by dry weather followed out-of-season. Pests A. pests of mango and litchi fungus Aspergillus sp. ) comparative symptomatology psorosis! Year 1922 to 1923 totapuri variety is highly susceptible ( Patel 1972 ) have been from. Multiple shoot development on the rind the aerial parts of the crop could be increased atleast by 28 % the., Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal and Bangladesh ( Tandon 1995 ) survive to. Citrus mosaic disease of mango caused by Fusarium sp., Tetrastichus sp. ) non-citrus hosts cause. Large number of flushes in affected portions of the hawk moth, Daphnusa ocellaris Walk on. Tissue is by dusting the plants are usually exposed to 36°C or higher within the leaf trunk or of.

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