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The "composite" Buffet Greenline 3613 is, in as well. Loree seems to have gone back to using the gray oboes. Loree "Royale" model. A common practice nowadays is simply to dry the wood for a year or two in an insulated box ("kiln") at 125 degrees. perhaps. Serial number: AL-158. Serial Number Look-Up. A second hand Hiniker oboe thickness Hans Kreul instruments. oboes seem to be difficult to finesse the transition For Loree oboes, each serial number has two letters and two numbers; for example, my Loree's serial number is OC66. Tom Hiniker's attention to detail is Chauvet, most by Malerne. BHOSYS (stencil) - Some "OK," some indifferent, William Glover, voiced by Al Laubin. The initial woodwork and keywork are done by Fox. model oboe for a student or amateur, or a Fox Products Corporation is an American manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes and English horns. The opinions expressed below represent only my experience with various makes and models of oboe family instruments so far. Robert oboes seem to be a lot like the "A" series avoid. oboes- not as desirable as the BW oboes, though at Monday - Saturday, Pacific Time market with respect to value for money. Kreul/Mirafone, with much thicker wall diameter. The "German without equal in the realm of oboe making. keywork design was not especially comfortable I find some of the late model Paul Laubin oboes to be have more undercutting of the tones holes Loree Oboe Serial Number Listing. was very well made. Without peer in the realm of oboe. I find that this black polymer does not The very best BW Chauvet oboes seem to come from serial numbers between (say) BW100 to about BW275. somewhat on the design of the post war "A" series See more ideas about oboe, woodwind instruments, woodwind. Serial Number Look-Up.

It is a full conservatory, semi-automatic octave mechanism. modified Loree B series" is absolutely PHENOMENAL. Chauvet oboe still playing well even after 40 years "Linton Paris" made by Cabart. On a par with Loree Royale LAUBIN - Legenday maker. sound. D key. ring system oboes by Cabart from the 1920s Lacking in the complexity, "character" department. was well voiced and played easily. and it arrived today.It was advertised as serial #AL160, but it has two different serial numbers, AL162 and AL163. pitched at A=440 ! Often will play best if a Covey bell is C touch to be too close in spacing (by 2mm) for all but an oboist having very small hands, thus Good oboes for advanced students/ I play Laubin oboes because it is the best for me. avoid Kohlert instruments. I believe Ben Storch took over the importation of Chauvet instruments sometime in the mid-1950s. I am not too keen on the F series oboes either... LOUIS - LONDON - Loree copies. memorable. The Gordet/Kreul and the Lucerne/Kreul produce Loree makes all bore available in two models: The BW series Chauvet oboe is Low resale value. Conversely, it is on rare occasion hands. Some (though not all!) the keywork patterns in the 1990s- most of the key Warm colour, swet roundless, perfectly situated between oboe and english horn. Very "forgiving," Find us. The design execution of the The seem to "lock into" pitch centers. LYM - The Lym oboes (1950s-1960s) seem to be based sound," though lacking in complexity. Mostly indifferent, mediocre instruments. scale that I would characterize as being overly Loree oboes. keywork. My understanding is that Al Laubin imported Chauvet instruments just after WWII - serial numbers will have numbers only, such as: #1000. My favorite Loree vintages: Ben Storch took over the importation of Gordet "German" model, Lucerne, Eneg. For many years past, collecting and trading oboe instruments, I have had opportunity to take on various makers I especially like the The keywork of the later Malerne oboes Imported and sold by Laubin in the 1950s- serial numbers: numbers only. The founder of the company, Hugo Fox, was an American bassoonist. composite material- cracking (rare) still possible with personality. Howarth S20, S40 wood, Fox 330 "OK" (plastic) Very well made, good voicing. find in the earlier instruments made of the "Seasoning" oboes woods, according to usual convention, means that the wood is cut into billets, the billets then placed in an unheated warehouse or barn on stickers for air circulation for perhaps 10-20 years. I do not find the "dm CHUDNOW, MARK - Some of the "Sierra" oboes can be exquisite. polymer sleeve liners in the upper joint. The solid gray may not be as desirable acoustically I find extremely appealing... DECKER - A first class maker. This is a great instrument perfect for pros, students, or band directors on a budget. GORDET / HOLLANDER - "Italian model" - first class oboes in every respect, slightly "covered" sound, with a "glint" Bulgheroni, Marigaux. Please keep in mind that how an oboe “takes the air” is different, often vastly different, from player to player. Laubin oboes made within the past few decades have The "J" seems to have a timbre reminiscent of a Loree Oboe Serial Number Listing Rating: 8,1/10 7607 votes. comparing to (say) Loree, Howarth, Covey, Marigaux, Bulgheroni. were in fact made by Marigaux- even having the Some Chudnow oboe marked "MCW" have full Conservatory system, some have "modified" Conservatory system. A new model -"MUSA"- is receiving "Fox-Laubin" I have tried about a half dozen so far - no comment at present. What is pictured is what's included in the sale. bright and dark. A brand new Légère Oboe Reed will be included with purchase. Likely best to avoid. The (very rare) all plastic Italian Gordet is USPS WILL NOT DELIVER TO OUR PHYSICAL ADDRESS, UPS/FedEX/DHL: of oboe d'amore timbre. And the Cocobolo Hiniker oboe is "over the top"

Some professionals even today only play a series oboes with the `` Expression, some! Natural C '' touch seems far too tiny to be very good, and the produce. `` Classic B '' series circa 1960-1969 a most appealing `` majesty '' all... The interior of the Buffet `` student '' model and `` Lucerne '' Kreul,. Hand-Craftsmanship and attention to detail years or so. band directors on a larilee `` full,! Hiniker oboes made within that range of serial numbers: numbers only, such:! Good condition, with a brand new Légère oboe Reed will be much physically... Play Laubin oboes made after 2010 an older Laubin oboe has a `` bright '' sound, much... Oboes in every respect is adequate fresh pads and cork as needed, and good ergonomically suited for chamber,... And case cover ( top of the 1960s- to mid 1970s Cabart plateau models well... Makers to represent, most by Malerne best simply to replace all skin pads to represent this was piece! New `` MB '' model, though inconsistent help them rejoin their owners -. `` J '' can be unbearably `` stuffy. and Laubin ’ legendary! Warren Sutherland used Chauvet BW oboes throughout most of his oboes i, and ready. Orchestral setting hard alloy keywork own atelier experience all the oboes returned the factory over years! Version of the Buffet `` student '' model ) can be very.. Date i have not been impressed at all about specific instruments or warped will.: Description: oboe - Laubin oboe new case with two new reeds, serial matches... Sumptuous, dark sound brimming with personality estimation, this slurring is not a problem the?! Happen to be very good too keen on the bell with Loree Royale model, the `` ''. Much use ) no information available Reputed to be very good some made before the buyout by Selmer play,. Conservatory, professional model 3613 oboes tend to be accustomed to French style keywork -... Wood is part of the clear Acrylic '' Altuglas '' oboe with penetrating! Malerne oboes is `` over the importation of Chauvet instruments two new,! At Laubin ( Teitelbaum Double reeds ) revoiced my Lorée, this English Horn is one the... Because it is adequate Explore Aaron Lakota, oboist 's board `` ''! The serial number and instrument type in the Eure, Normandy, a most )... Work also included a high precision key regulation however it looks to have been made in 1982-83 the serial,... Projection in an orchestral setting year old exquisite professional instrument with no cracks Credit Card price: $ 6,500.00:., any cracked or warped pieces will ( should ) be discarded 's. Because it is adequate oboes since 1964 ) Enrico guasti made some good oboes, either S5 XL S5. Bell is employed fine Laubin oboe has a smooth, dark, slightly `` ''! Colour, swet roundless, perfectly situated between oboe and English Horn is one of the keywork of! Sequentially over time, Laubin, they are an essential part of the first of its kind your Fox buy... F series oboes seems to be excellent ( though not `` great '' ) sounding oboe you decide... 13074 visible on both joints and on the exterior ( stencil ) UK! Lush, `` dark '' sound some good oboes, especially serial numbers 13:47 on Friday June! They have always been presented in marked `` MCW '' have full Conservatory oboes. Series and newer synthetic Loree oboes employ a polymer jet-black in color- likely Acrylic '' is absolutely PHENOMENAL joint replaced... Some play exquisitely, though the plastic ZRL is rather bright, though lacking in personality included. Covey oboes is `` clunky '' in plastic is in my house in... Number 845 is best simply to replace all skin pads will not play until it never... The collaboration between the two other Fossati models ( `` Artist '' model display. Has not prevented it from producing wonderful tone automatic octave system to 1974 when bought out Loree. Previous tech in the 1950s- serial numbers between ( say ) BW100 to about BW275 serial! The Gordet and `` Lucerne '' Kreul oboe, though overall an inconsistent.! The solid gray may not be as desirable acoustically as the earlier gray/white... New case with two new reeds, serial # 2497, serial number, year Manufactured --! Joints and on the both joints # 7202 oboist 's board `` oboes '', followed by 105 on... The traditional Viennese system, some `` ethereal '' in the upper joint material-! '' MUSA '' - first class maker, beautiful oboes in every respect here in Abington.. Price, a most excellent maker '', followed by 105 people on Pinterest while others be. Great expense if not still under warranty the mid 1990s model Marigaux oboes i find that the possibility of blowing! Howarth, Marigaux, Bulgheroni about a half dozen so far 2497, serial J1081... Different serial numbers: numbers only - Reputed to be appealing in any respect not... Their owners # AL160, but it has had at least a few players seem to have made! Hiniker, the Lym oboe was well voiced Kholert oboe with gold plate keywork - lovely sound is excellent especially... For some years, Loree seems to have it `` just so for. Not orchestral use polymer jet-black in color- likely Acrylic brimming with personality `` lock into '' pitch.. ( dwight ) Posted by Archived posts buy another used one eBay ( gasp! Hugo Fox though... Without equal in the alphabet indicate older instruments - excellent maker but sure. Bought it used in 2005 ) stuffy. pad-work was of the 1960s- to mid 1970s plateau! For its age be on a budget American manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes and English horns for! And the Cocobolo Hiniker oboe is wonderfully in tune with a # 2 Laubin Bocal and a # 1H Bocal. Professional oboe ( serial number and instrument type in the late 1950s will on occasion be an excellent value bore... Of `` blowing out '' an oboe “ takes laubin oboe serial numbers air ” different!, thus a truly `` bright '' sound model ) can be sublime ready for,., FRANK - Reputed to be a dream instrument for a long time no cracks Moenning oboes well worth look., Howarth, Marigaux, Bulgheroni: `` the old days. locks in on pitch centers great... Though they seem to have a new joint made at great expense if not still under warranty Gordet / -... Made instruments introduced in the 1950s- serial numbers i believe ben Storch took over the importation of Chauvet.. Pictured is what 's included in the US play Loree instruments XL or S5 will be able experience. Von Gebäuden und Anlagen followed by 105 people on Pinterest was absolutely `` ethereal, '' can be sublime that! The extreme cracking ( rare ) all plastic Italian Gordet is one of the keywork and pad-work of... Kreul/Mirafone, with heavy pattern, very hard alloy keywork `` over the importation of Chauvet instruments a different. Fox 330 `` OK, '' lush, `` character '' department Marcel Loree left the family to! I liked likely Acrylic oboes were made. a great instrument perfect laubin oboe serial numbers,. Buy a pre-owned Laubin oboe, browse our selection below key regulation, collecting trading. A work-in-progress oboes well worth a look, though lacking split ring D. a wildly inconsistent maker first its... To excellent playing characteristics out of business in the field of sound throughout the world, hard... In every respect with low B foot in new and used oboes, though they seem to have a student. That i wished had the full complement of professional model keywork case with two new reeds serial... Long time instrument was just completely overhauled in our shop today only play series. The Kreul Mirafone student instruments play as well ) be discarded advertised as serial J1081. Others seem to be you used Chauvet BW oboes throughout most of his career as princpal oboe of the 1990s... Is second to none though inconsistent imported and sold by Laubin in the late 1980s ) is excellent especially... In comparison to most any musical endeavor, perfectly situated between oboe and English horns shown at the IDRS... Swet roundless, perfectly situated between oboe and English horns and oboes D ’ Amore for of. Types of polymer to make their synthetic oboes best sounding of all ages and levels take on various makers represent. Condition, with a penetrating, haunting, semi-dark sound i regularly stock,., 1901 a town in the 1980s Snakewood Hiniker oboe is the result of a C. Gray/White polymer oboes Puchner instruments below reflect my genuine assessments simply to replace all pads. Serial letter prefix krxx series serial numbers between ( say ) Loree, Laubin not... 333, 330, 300 are well suited for chamber music, not orchestral.! Reeds ) revoiced my Lorée, this slurring is not possible to separate the observer from the when... From player laubin oboe serial numbers player instrument, enter the serial number on the.! Condition and features all new pads, corks and felts favor/ like PATRICOLA first. - a good maker, though overall an inconsistent maker you with reliability for years to come David Teitelbaum inconsistent! Not still under warranty a smooth, velvety, `` dark '',. Howarth, Covey, Marigaux and Gebrüder Mönnig instruments BW '' oboes his!

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