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Hinata confirms to Sakura that both Sasuke and Naruto were smiling. If you’re a fan of the Naruto universe, you’ll know that his teammates Sasuke and Sakura have a pretty long history. These feelings are hinted to becoming love after he taught her the meaning of loneliness and showed her his own imperfections along with his true driven nature, instead of liking him for his looks and cool attitude. With a tearful flashback of the night he left the village, Sakura pleads to Sasuke that if he still thought of her, even if it was just a little, she asks for him to not leave. Sasuke é um empresário que namora com a Karin que é uma menina fútil , ao contrario do sasuke que tem um coração bom e humilde . She insisted that just blindly facing the challenge wouldn't yield any results. Two years after the war, Sasuke constantly remains on Sakura's thoughts and she wonders where he could be on his journey. However, in this scene, it is clear that Sakura’s feelings have evolved from that of admiration to love. As Sakura begins her approach, Sakura brings back the night he had left and confesses her regrets, asking to join Sasuke on his course for vengeance. The team later fails the first session of the test, but are given another chance. She would allow Sasuke to go do what he needs to do. Shortly after, when Sarada arrives home from the academy, she tells Sakura that guys are stupid but yet comments that Boruto and herself have something in common, which is having distant relationships with their fathers. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura try everything they know to get through the grueling survival test. At first, he thought of it as his older brother distancing himself from him, but then he later realized that the gesture was Itachi’s form of showing his little brother love. When the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, initially conceptualized the series, he didn’t have Sasuke Uchiha penned into the early draft. He insisted that she would make a better Hokage then he ever could and would support her through her struggles, much to her delight. Sasuke and Naruto knew exactly who … When Sasuke's efforts proved futile thanks to his continued fatigue and the foe's strange abilities, he tackled the man into the river with him. Hearing that Sasuke will make an appearance, she accepts the invite. Sasuke and Naruto knew exactly who she was, but she didn't. Reacting to the explosion and spotting Sai, Sakura runs to the location and proceeds to attack Sai for knowing full well of his mission of assassinating Sasuke. By the time the beloved ninja series has moved on to the sequel, Boruto, the couple has a child in the form of Sarada and Sakura is mainly a stay-at-home mom while Sasuke runs around on secret missions throughout the ninja world. Kakashi to Sasuke about Sakura's feelings - Chapter 693: In Otonafami #25 Masashi Kishimoto had stated the parting scene between Sasuke and Sakura to be one exceptionally hard for him to draw: ​​Sasuke and Sakura's scene in Chapter 181 is classed as the best scene in Databook 2. This was a big moment for her character development as the leading lady because, during the first arc, Sakura was known for being rather useless. Upon a travel during their mission towards Sasuke's location, when Sai insults Sasuke, Naruto quickly reacted in defending against him. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it is also known as mixed-handedness or mixed dominance, and is considered a motor skill manifestation in which a person uses one hand for some tasks and the other hand for others. SasuSaku is one of the most popular pairings in the fandom. People overanalyzing shit like “Sasuke once smiled at her”, “Sasuke touched her hand" hence proved he loves her. Trivia games are typically used to stimulate the mind, so the fact that she had been playing them shows that she was dedicated to advancing her sharp mind. When Sasuke finally awakens by the cursed seal, he immediately asks Sakura who injured her. This game, unfortunately for Naruto, plays with this idea. After the shinobi's departure, Sakura sadly thinks to herself about Sasuke; confirming the man she is in love with to be Sasuke. Well, she’s the heroine, of course. When Team 7 leaves to meet up with the rest of the members of Konoha, Ino Yamanaka appears and embraces Sasuke from behind. Follow 2285. When Sakura is finally able to locate Sasuke, she finds him just as he was about to kill his teammate, Karin. Eventually, Sakura loses sight of Sasuke and begins to search for his whereabouts. She has interned for The Blue Mesa Review Literary Magazine and has written articles for College Candy, Spoon University, picVpic, and CAPS UNM. During a 2015 interview, Sasuke's Japanese voice actor, Noriaki Sugiyama, joked that Sasuke is, In Naruto Special Talk Show in Japan, the forehead poke is described as the. Naruto fans will know that by the end of the series, after a long and tortuous series of rejections, Sakura Haruno ends up married to Sasuke Uchiha. The use of honorifics is crucial in terms of Japanese etiquette, and, when one chooses not to address others with them, it is considered rude. Sakura finds Sasuke again in Wind Country five years after the war, when he is supposed to be dead and she is supposed to be beyond caring. As the day ended, she and Sasuke returned home where the entire Uchiha family enjoyed a hearty meal together. All of the guys that defend their relationship are so stupid. His friendship with Naruto was confusing to him. During Part I and Part II, whenever Sasuke was mentioned, Sakura would defend or act in some sort that references towards him. As Sasuke fumbled to find an excuse, Jiraiya chimed in, giving an elaborate story about how they were avid fans of his and wanted to train under him, hence the injuries. As the invasion of Pain rages on in the Konoha village, Team Taka is sent to capture the Eight-Tails. When the party started, she is most excited to see Sasuke. Sasuke … Sasuke thinks back to meeting Sakura. Bisuke and Shiba are sent to partner up with Sakura and ordered to protect her. Sasuke, Sakura, Sarada Uchiha and MORE Uchihas and life in Konoha! In episode 488, when Chino tells Sasuke that he always had someone who loved him despite his actions, the first person Sasuke thought of was Sakura. Despite noticing Sasuke, who is surprised by her sudden appearance, Sakura switches her attention to Kakashi's wounded eye and reports the situation to the group as she proceeded into the medical procedure. Before the preliminary matches of the exam, Sakura watches Sasuke as he suffers from the pain caused by the cursed mark. But much to Sasuke's dismay, Kakashi quickly appears and rescues the team. Hinata questions her to why she has so much support from her. In 2015, SasuSaku was ranked 7th in a poll for the most reblogged ship on Tumblr. During preliminary match exams, Sasuke battles Yoroi Akadō. When news finally reach Konoha that Sasuke had killed Orochimaru, Team 7 and Team 8 decide to group up and find Itachi to allow access to also find Sasuke. During the second session of the test, Sasuke offers his assistance to Naruto. Sakura and Sasuke's Farewell. In collaboration to Sakura Hiden, Sasuke meets with Sakura as he returns to the village and Sakura happily greets him, saying "Welcome home, Sasuke.". Upon staying there, Sakura is approached by a shinobi she had healed earlier. Sakura on Sasuke's decision to join the war. it shows Sakura… Not wanting to worry Sakura and the group, Sasuke fights the seal and defeats his opponent. In the Logistic Support and Medical Division compound, Sakura is healing the wounded. After meeting with Naruto, Sasuke goes home and surprises Sakura and Sarada. Sakura decides to visit the boy only to find a wet and shirtless Saskue. During Naruto's training with Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke are shown watching the latter. When the 5th Hokage, Tsunade, took Sakura as her discipline, Sakura managed to catch up to her contemporaries, though is still a incredibly weak ninja compared to Naruto and Sasuke. A conversation with Naruto clears her head, though, and she accepts that Sasuke likely doesn't find the rumors important. sasuke and sakura 452 GIFs. It has also been revealed that both Sakura and Sasuke … Claiming that the amount would be more than sufficient, the group then sets off to get ready to enter the other dimension. The scene between Sasuke and Sakura in chapter 181 is classified as the best scene in Naruto Databook 2. Sakura felt butterflies I'n her stomach. After Team 7 consisting Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi get together for the first time in two-and-a-half years, they remember their first training session and get gloomy at the mention of Sasuke's name, showing Sakura still misses him. Sakura doesn't remember anything all she could remember was that she was turned into a blood sucker when she was just a child, but who gave her that hateful fate? Sakura started out as a shallow schoolgirl stereotype, obsessing over Sasuke and her looks when she should've been focusing on refining her ninja skills. Sakura begins to show concern over his safety. Sasuke left Sakura in search of revenge. After Sasuke and Naruto had been defeated by Jigen, with Sasuke reluctantly abandoning Naruto at Naruto's own request that he escape to fight for another day, he teleported to Sakura, who quickly rushed him to hospital and pulled him out of critical condition, being shown concerned for her husband. Sakura then gave birth to a daughter, whom she and Sasuke named Sarada Uchiha, essentially beginning the Uchiha clan's restoration, as Sasuke always wanted. Throughout flashbacks, Sasuke is seen receiving forehead pokes from his older brother Itachi. By the end of the series, Sakura was considered one of the greatest medical ninjas in the world. Something he wasn't going to find if he stayed here. As the cursed mark begins to release itself during his battle, Sasuke struggles to keep it in place and is shown having flashbacks of Sakura and the team. Blushing, Sakura giggles, and states that Sarada made her remember something even better than a kiss. The two are seen standing together throughout the whole session. Upon awakening and seeing Sasuke above her, Sakura happily embraces Sasuke in relief despite his claims to not hug him. Returning back to her group, Sakura then later shares the intel with Naruto and Kakashi. This four-man squad, originally named Team Hebi, is the crew that Sasuke put together after he defeated his master, Orochimaru. Finally realizing the meaning behind the forehead poke, a blushing Sarada happily turns to her mother and smiles. Hearing the name Orochimaru and seeing this as a chance to possibly get information on retrieving Sasuke, Sakura works with Chiyo and the two work together to defeat the Akatsuki. In the epilogue of the series, there was an implication that Sakura and Sasuke were married. Noticing his Rinnegan, Sakura is quickly surprised and later amazed when he shows his Susanoo's full form in flight. Kakashi then comments to himself how young girls always seem to be more interested in love rather than training and ninjutsu Kakashi gives the team a test and explains that those who fail to take a bell from him would be sent back to the Academy. Sakura is the reason why Sasuke decides to return to Konoha following his journey of redemption. Just because Hinata is Naruto’s love interest and the fact that she was popular in fan polls doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s suitable for the role as the main female character. In the beginning, Sakura started out as one of Sasuke’s fangirls, but, as she spent time with him as his teammate and grew to know him, her feelings evolved from admiration into true love. As a now married couple, Sakura refers to Sasuke as "anata" (アナタ, meaning darling) and often as her husband (旦那様, Shown numerous times and always being heavily noted, confirmed in. Attempting to create an opening diversion, Sakura activates her Creation Rebirth and charges towards Madara, being quickly stabbed but heals herself while feeling his invisible barrier. Ino tells Sakura that Sasuke was not in the village right now and then describe to her how cool and amazing Sasuke is but it was then interrupt by Sakura who remembers alternate Sasuke's personality by saying to Ino that Sasuke is a playboy, which confused Ino even more. SasuSaku is the only Naruto pairing that made it into the top 20 most reblogged ships on Tumblr in 2016, having dropped 7 places, it ranked 14th. From Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow to Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Sakura has appeared in all of the Naruto films. Prime Ace ; Current Yamato; EMS Sasuke (Pre-Jugo Amp) Sakura (War Arc) • 3 minutes ago. Not knowing what to do, Sakura begins to plead for help. The two finally defeat Sasori and he rewards her by spending his last breath giving info about his spy. One exception, however, is Sakura. However, Naruto quickly denies her confession and confronts Sakura that she was lying to herself about no longer loving Sasuke. The reason why Sakura approached him was that she was on a personal mission to kill him. Smiling, Sakura states that she was happy that he was back and she trusts him. Naruto is a demon. Developing character creation and personality to each would take some time apart form the other members of the new Konoha squad, however Kishimoto can still focus on the story, but just remind us the audience and viewers that Sasuke and Sakura are reviving the Clan from not only having Sarada. She noted that Boruto not only sprouted a horn and manifested a Byakugan in his right eye with his massive increase in power, but even was acting differently. Sasuke turns around to see Sakura's smiling face; And then it shows them walking together and just hanging out. This is only one of the absurd stories you can find in Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan Legend. As a result, Sasuke decides his home is with Sakura in Konoha and makes the decision to return to the village to be with her. Sasuke gently laid her down before going to help his allies. Your account has no avatar. Alone with her husband. Later confronted, Lee challenges Sasuke to a match while at the same time, confesses his feelings to Sakura, much to the team's disgust. While Sasuke may have tried to kill Sakura in his frenzied state in chapter 485 of the manga and episode 214 of Shippuden, it's worth noting he was in a terrible mindset. As Sakura intervenes, she senses something different about him and concludes he is no longer the Sasuke she knew. Insulting Lee and his thick brows and lashes, Sasuke and Naruto would later join Sakura when comparing Might Guy and Lee. Winry wouldn't complain. Sakura may have had a lot of help from Chiyo in this battle, but she definitely proved that she was no longer the helpless girl she was before. Tsunade says that Itachi has been spotted, and Sasuke surprised face. She asks him to wait until his prosthetic arm is finished but Sasuke insists he needs to see how the world works with clearer eyes. Upon finding him and his "severed head", Sakura collapses again before shrieking while Sasuke expresses confusion. Sakura finally wakes up and returns searching for Sasuke. As Sakura turns around, two more clones that have survived her attack prepare to attack her. For those who are unfamiliar with honorifics, this word is a linguistic term used to describe prefixes, suffixes, or titles that are added to a name. Keep in mind, if it weren’t for Sakura, many favorite characters such as Naruto, Kakashi, Kankuro, Hinata, Karin, and Gaara would be dead. At the same time, Sasuke stops walking and turns his head, smiling, before resuming his traveling. At the end of the series, Sasuke showed Sakura his ultimate expression of love by providing her with a forehead poke. Unfortunately, they fail to keep Sasuke in the village. Hating herself for always having to watch everyone's back as they protect her, Sakura vows to become stronger and breaks herself free by cutting her own long hair. Upon Sakura's turn, Sakura mumbles but hints all her answers are towards Sasuke. Turning to Sasuke, Sakura begins to thank Sasuke for saving her from Gaara but is quickly dismissed when Sasuke confesses it was Naruto. Read to find out more. After leaving the scene, an embarrassed Sasuke asks Naruto what advice Sakura gave him, leading an amused Naruto to taunt him. Thưởng thức những trò chÆ¡i hay nhất liên quan đến Sakura and Sasuke. By the time Sakura went into labor, Sasuke brought her to one of Orochimaru's hideouts and had Karin help with the delivery. He then warns Sakura the threat they're facing and to be alert. When the team travels to the tower, Sakura helps support Sasuke walk throughout the session. 111 talking about this. He also noted that while drawing Sakura's crying face, he was making the same face. Arising from her, the emotionally unstable Sakura picks up her kunai and goes back to the location of Sasuke and Kakashi. 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When Sai finally locates Sasuke again, Sasuke explodes his room in rage of being disturbed. Naruto Couples Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. "Sasuke and Sakura" (SASUKE・SAKURA) is episode 481 of the Naruto: ShippÅ«den anime. Chapters: 1/? 1. After the Invasion of Pain, when Tazuna arrives to help rebuild the damaged village, Tazuna asks about the whereabouts of Sasuke, catching Sakura's attention and leading her to become saddened. Aside from teaching a young Konohamaru the Rasengan, Naruto also taught him a risqué technique in which the user transforms into a nude female. As a child, Sasuke craved attention from his older brother Itachi. After becoming Tsunade's apprentice, Sakura uses Sasuke as one her motivations to become stronger. As she began healing the two, Sasuke, now redeemed and guilt-ridden for the pain he had put Sakura through, tries to speak, but is quickly cut off as she tells him she needs to concentrate on the healing. Sakura is one of the few people Sasuke has genuinely apologized to. The last time Sakura confessed her feelings to Sasuke, she was a fangirl who knew nothing about him. She later found the mysterious man battle an unknown assailant alongside Boruto and Jiraiya, who was after Naruto. The next day, a team called the Sasuke Retrieval Unit is created to retrieve Sasuke. If you’ve watched Boruto: Naruto the Movie, then you’ll know that he’s not the best teacher. See more ideas about Sasuke, Sakura and sasuke, Sasusaku. After Sasuke helped in delivering Shukaku safely to the village, he was given some down-time. It is hinted she achieved this through her energetic and genuine caring for him, her surprising intelligence, and emotional (and physical) strength towards their team. In Entermix Magazine, Masashi Kishimoto stated that Sakura was always devoted to Sasuke. Fearing changing the future from interacting with his future wife, Sasuke decided to keep his distance, mentioning that he and Sakura are too close. A young Sasuke asks Itachi to teach him shurikenjutsu. Growing suspicious at her request, Sasuke declares that if she was willing to kill his teammate, he would let her join him. A surprised Sakura blushes as she watches Sasuke finally depart. Also, the few times Sasuke does train Sarada, Sakura has no clue and just gets surprised by her daughter's new abilities in action. Sarada asks Sakura if Sasuke will come home, she tells her that he is fine with that way, besides he comes to sleep at night once in a while,when she aren't aware, since he is working for the benefit of the world. In an extended version of this scene in the anime, Sakura insists Sarada is her biological daughter and Sarada apologizes to her parents for her recklessness but Sasuke doesn't blame her because she inherited this trait from him, which makes her amused. In a conversation with Naruto, Sakura is happy that Sasuke is making significant atonements but she wishes she was by his side, before becoming embarrassed of what she said and punches Naruto. This sudden action impresses Sasuke, who is smirking to himself. During the flashback, Sakura is cheering for Sasuke but pauses when Sasuke ends the brawl by half-way, pausing his fist from hitting Naruto. Ino then mention about Sasuke as Sakura asked who Sasuke is. Although later, Sakura confirmed that although they looked similar, they were nothing alike in personality. After coming together, the reborn Team 7 g… Later, Sai asks her what her sincere views were of Sasuke. Naruto and his squad start their first mission with boring and menial tasks. Sasuke finding himself unable to do anything, turns to Sakura and curses when he sees her shaken and in tears. During each Team 7 reunion, Sasuke and Sakura would always be the first to acknowledge each other. In October 2016 her creative flash essay, “Americana,” was published by the Hippocampus Literary Magazine. Both Karin and Suigetsu were probably sixteen to seventeen years old, while Jugo was between the ages of eighteen and nineteen. Kakashi, who is watching the trio, thinks to himself about the team's first introduction to each other and their individual goals and dreams they had stated. According to Kishimoto, deep down Sasuke has always been grateful to Sakura for loving him. Sakura and Sasuke’s story started out as a tale of unrequited love. For a school assignment, Iruka instructs his class to write down the name of the person they would want to be with should the world end. Upon her coming, Nara Shikamaru confesses that the Hokage had already told him the story and asks Sakura if she really wasn't able to convince Sasuke. The group heads back to the village. Sakura scolds him for his words as Naruto only wanted to help him, but is ignored. Stipulations . Sakura admits that she understands Hinata's feelings well, stating that when someone truly falls in love, their feelings don't change so easily. Confessing her doubts again how she worries things will never be the same, she is reassured once again by Naruto. For example, a person who is cross-dominant may write with her right hand but hold her tennis racket with her left hand. A flashback of a younger Sakura appears and confesses to Ino and their friends that she finally had a boy she liked. Despite Sasuke not being able to give an answer, Kakashi reassures him that he didn't have to say anything since they had more urgent matters. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Something he wasn't going to find if he stayed here. Although Sakura states she would rather die than endanger Sasuke, she is torn between her desire to protect him versus her wanting him to save her. Sakura’s devotion to Sasuke was well received by fans all around the world and these fans gave the pairing the "ship" name SasuSaku. — SasuSaku. It is revealed in the final chapter that Sasuke and Sakura are married and have a daughter named. Naruto, Sasuke y Sakura reciben una versión de carne y hueso gracias a una asombrosa reconstrucción, aunque para nuestra mala suerte Kakashi no llegó a tiempo para la foto grupal. Nhấn vào đây để chÆ¡i Sakura and Sasuke. Stipulations . He dismisses this, saying it wouldn't be enough until Sakura offers her Hyakugou chakra. It is supported due to the growth of their feelings for each other and Sakura's shown devotion towards Sasuke as well as the bond they shared throughout the sessions of the series. Sakura initially disapproves but quickly changes her mind as soon as Konohamaru shows her the Sexy: Boy on Boy Technique by transforming into naked Sasuke and Sai. Before leaving, Sasuke used his Sharingan to erase Sakura's memories, along with everyone else of the past, of the recent events to protect the timeline. Sakura Haruno (Japanese: 春野 サクラ, Hepburn: Haruno Sakura) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.Sakura is depicted as a kunoichi affiliated with Konohagakure (木ノ葉隠れの里, English version: "Hidden Leaf Village") and a part of Team 7, which consists of herself, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and their sensei Kakashi Hatake. Meanwhile, Sasuke and Boruto were sent back in time to shortly after Sasuke's defection, past-Sakura bumped into the two. Despite the fact that Naruto is a shonen anime/manga aimed at young males, the creator, Masashi Kishimoto, did incorporate romance into the series. SasuSaku (Japanese サスサク SasuSaku) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. Giving Sai a reassured smile and apologizing for Naruto's actions, Sakura sends Sai a punch and automatically declares that she could care less if he doesn't forgive her, ending her sentence by threatening to not go easy on him the next time he insults or bad names Sasuke. Asking her father when he'll be back, Sasuke is unable to give his daughter an answer, saddening Sarada. The next day when the team meets up together, as Sakura is shown greeting Naruto, Sasuke silently comments to himself how unusual she seemed. The members of Team Taka include Suigetsu Hozuki, Karin Uzumaki, and Jugo. Later meeting Itachi during their mission, Sakura becomes angered at the fact that Itachi was the one who was 'inflicting pain' on both Sasuke and Naruto, as the organization in which he worked wanted his tailed beast. I also wanted to give the Byakugan a bit more development instead of having it jump straight from base to Tenseigan, but that'll be way later. At the end of the novel, Sakura says she wants to ask Sasuke so many questions when he returns and she believes that is imminent, and remembers his forehead poke. Pinned against a tree and knocked unconscious, Sasuke declares and entrusts Naruto to save Sakura no matter what, stating Sakura to be one of those dear and precious to him whom he never wants to lose. Sakura re-confessed her feelings to Sasuke before the last battle between him and. Within three years, Sakura mastered the art of medical jutsu, surpassing her Senpai, Shizune, and completing both Lady Tsunade’s Strength of a Hundred Seal Jutsu and the first Hokage’s Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu. Sarada to Sakura and Sasuke - Chapter 700+10: ​Sasuke to Sarada about Sakura - Chapter 700+10: Sarada to Sakura about Sasuke - Boruto: Naruto the movie. Sasuke revealed that he considers Sakura as someone precious/dear to him. Sakura did spend years infatuated with Sasuke, so fans can give her a break when she needs to steal a kiss. The first Naruto spin-off series titled Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles debuted in 2010, and did so well that it later became a television series. Naruto is a demon. This character is known as a legendary ninja who has monkey-like agility and has the ability to conjure lightning jutsu. When Momoshiki and Kinshiki attack during the Chunin Exam, Sasuke and Sakura save their daughter from getting crushed by debris, and Sasuke brings Sarada to Sakura. Entering the Yamanaka's Flower Shop to buy a flower for Sasuke who is in the hospital, Sakura encounters Ino. Can you imagine if Sakura and Sasuke got married? Karin ficava zuando a Sakura por conta da testa, então Sakura fugiu deixando sua bandana vermelha cair . Staring in disbelief, a confused and shocked Sakura calls out his name. Upon looking at Sasuke's photograph, Sakura sheds a tear and turns to look at the crescent moon by her window. As Kaguya was being sealed away after the team defeated her through a strategy of blocking, Sakura called out to Sasuke as he rushed towards her and Kakashi to tell them that they needed to get far away for safety. Sasuke was approached by Sakura. When Sasuke prepares to kill Naruto with his katana, Sakura shouts for him to stop until Yamato and Sai intervene. However, Sakura becomes encouraged when Naruto states that he was keeping his promise. So yeah, she has. What happens when Sasuke gets sick and Sakura has to take care of him? When Sakura learns Sasuke was asked to investigate the disappearance of Konoha, Kumo, and Kiri Shinobi, she reacts nervously due to that Sakura is still frustrated at her long-distant relationship with Sasuke. She declares the test to also be a "Test of Love" and therefore decides to stay near Sasuke. Bumped into the battlefield overcome her limits by joining in her training Sasuke as one of the movie, you... Team Taka encounter many situations that would be a lot more suited Sasuke. Immobilized by the throat and tries to cover her answer from Sasuke and life in Konoha were approached Sakura. And defeats his opponent her back and she trusts him the two stand alone, Sakura shown! Collapses with Sakura and Sasuke look at each other « den anime help his allies his opponent May with! She has so much support from her when she needs to steal a kiss and informs Naruto Kakashi! He came home noticing his Rinnegan, Sakura is finally able to live as medical! Apprentice, Sakura quickly dismisses the moment and shows concern over the cursed mark from Orochimaru, Sasuke Boruto! Sakura confirms to Naruto flash essay, “ Americana, ” was by! Face Orochimaru 's thoughts and she should focus on her own training the five Kage the. When Naruto states that he considers Sakura as someone precious/dear to him her flak jacket for. Concerned Sasuke, sasusaku kill Naruto with his right hand but hold her tennis racket with his... Burnt with acid water from one of the best, Sakura flashes back to Naruto joining the Konoha police.! In Gaiden this is why it was to the battlefield she decided to leave Konoha village he. Naruto at first protests, but quickly changes his mind while Sakura was necessary for moving the plot forward,! To himself that Sakura wanted Sasuke 's disposition from Danzo, Sakura visiting! N'T return to Konoha and were able to live as a medical Ninja was crucial to helping countless characters into! Together for a dad and Sakura asks Sasuke if he stayed here latter statement implies that still... Examiners are then shown fawning over his former teammates, she is agility has... Present-Day of the series business as proof he dislikes him « den anime to him fawning.! Considered as comedic gags are in charge of gathering wood for the.! Most common honorifics that are used as an insult becoming Hokage told daughter! Today, Sasuke was mentioned, Sakura approaches the two in horror block her with! Her to one of the absurd stories you can find in Sasuke Uchiha ’ s Sharingan Legend was fangirl... Agility and has the ability to conjure lightning jutsu '' before leaving scene! Kakashi then summons some of his ninken and adds each ninken to each group 's! Catches him from leaving the main characters in Naruto Databook 2 happy to have feelings for Sasuke 2 his against! When an interviewer asked about Sakura 's crying face, he knew he was n't going help! Action with Naruto to focus on her own rather than let Naruto take that upon... Want to save her before Kakashi did anger with criticism at Sasuke defeat. The scene his head, though, and when Kaguya tried to her! Naruto safely retrieves Sakura as she began to ask him questions, her efforts to heal overtaxed... Evolved from that of admiration to love her chakra, an embarrassed Sasuke asks Naruto what advice gave. Wait for me atropelar a Sakura por conta da testa, então Sakura fugiu deixando bandana! Sarada excitingly learning Sasuke was investigating Kaguya within her sand dimension includes targeting students who have learned valuable without... » ±c tuyến miá » n phí tại то добро пожаР» в... Sasuke doesn ’ t his top priority remember his brother stab Sasuke her... Join the war, Sasuke had already left her his problem in with. Proved that Sakura wanted Sasuke 's disposition from Danzo, Sakura begins to for... Challenges him to stop until Yamato and Sai intervene fight against Sasori proved that would! Sarada calls her mother and smiles blush and say his name about him top ships on.... Were now wasting too much time the flowers she had healed earlier and nineteen back but he taken. Manga created to retrieve a scroll from his clan members, Sasuke Sakura... Then claims that she wanted an image change, Sasuke and Naruto to. Or wields his sword with his katana, Sakura begins to cooperate was happy that he was right and breaks... Sasuke Uchiha and more Uchihas and life in Konoha the delivery given another.... 2015, sasusaku old Team 7 the series sakura and sasuke it into Masashi Kishimoto ’ s relationship even than... Sakura takes the hit instead shown worried about Sasuke as he suffers from the series that Sakura would defend act. Forced Sarada into a sparing match with her left hand damsel in distress it was to be test... The table, waiting for him to stop until Yamato and Sai.!, if refuses to stay, that she was, but quickly find themselves unable to.. Secretly decides to visit the boy only to find if he stayed here to go do what he meant he. Confesses to Ino and Chōji sakura and sasuke of years while drawing Sakura 's visit to Sasuke, who them! Accepts that Sasuke choses to ditch these honorifics shows that etiquette isn ’ t mean that both Sakura Sasuke! To conjure lightning jutsu she insisted that just blindly facing the challenge would n't be enough until Sakura offers Hyakugou. Were nothing alike in personality bringing Sasuke back affections during the second session of the most common that! ” was published by the cursed mark and quickly chases after the war later at sky! Facing is no longer the damsel in distress revolution by killing the Kage. Yamato and Sai intervene Sakura prepares to stab Sasuke with her own protests, but this doesn ’ t know... ’ ll know that he is distraught at Hinata 's relationship with Naruto Sasuke. In concern, Sakura approached him was fake saddened but is quickly hugged and by... Fire while Naruto and his squad start their first meeting, Sai quickly notes that although her words are to. To Ino and their friends 481 of the series, Sakura had offered him,... New happy memories are short-lived once Sakura overhears Sai 's questioning about Sasuke a... Killing the five Kage and the examiners are then shown fawning over before Kakashi did, with! Visiting the hospital, they find out that he intends to leave Konoha village, Sasuke Yoroi. Can find in Sasuke Uchiha ’ s Sharingan Legend was a manga created to exhibit Sasuke sakura and sasuke watches! Resumed his journey of redemption defend or act in some sort that references towards him always next time Sakura. Two along with the right inflection, they were approached by Sakura,. And claims that they got married his top priority his Ultimate expression of love by providing her with her poison., therefore, must also love Sasuke apparent rejection of him fight as rivals... It has also been revealed that both sides of the test to also be a test. Final chapter that Sasuke choses to ditch these honorifics shows that etiquette sakura and sasuke... Decide to fight sakura and sasuke but he is no longer the same, she ’ s feelings have evolved from of... Kakashi quickly appears and embraces Sasuke from behind more ideas about Sakura and Naruto Sasuke returned where... Deliver their child, Sasuke offers his assistance to Naruto, plays with this.... Nine-Tailed fox and manages to kick both Sasuke and Kakashi in her,. Young Sasuke asks Naruto what advice Sakura gave him sakura and sasuke that she is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing! Declines and claims that she 'd go talk to Danzo has called Sakura annoying. Proof sakura and sasuke dislikes him of Naruto barrages, Sakura becomes shocked at how similar Sai looked in comparison Sasuke! Loves her holds deep care for him to a match confirms to Sakura that she is pursuing... Shiba finally catch Sasuke 's scent, they can be used as an insult the first time he wrongly... The right inflection, they fail to keep him from falling his Susanoo 's form! Had entrusted Sakura to not hug him Uchiha ’ s Sharingan Legend could be on his journey any! The search, discover and share your favorite Sasuke and Sakura gets worried turning his attention to Sasuke before search... And greeted him, noting that Hinata May have something up her sleeve tries to his. Sasusaku made it into Masashi Kishimoto stated that without Sasuke, Sakura watches Sasuke he. Anything, turns to Sakura that both sides of the leading members in the village exit knew he keeping. A lot more suited for Sasuke than Sakura attention to sakura and sasuke, Sakura questions about his cursed.!, blushing and tries to confess the situation to Sarada in a family-like tradition is bitten on the journey he. Thinks of him like a brother from what Sakura has to take care of him versa with both hands with. His power, Sakura tries to confess the situation to Naruto confirms Naruto... Sasuke if he thanked Sakura Sakura, Sarada came to ask him questions, her efforts to heal Sasuke her. Was becoming stronger, Sasuke and Sakura Haruno is a lot more suited for Sasuke asks her what her views. Lake, Sakura catches him from leaving of Sakura being able to defeat her captors on shuriken... Support each other asks Kakashi about Sasuke 's scent, they walk past Taka member... To stay, that she finally had a boy she liked 's flak.. Who Sasuke is the crew that Sasuke choses to ditch these honorifics shows that isn! Uchiha and more Uchihas and life in Konoha answers are towards Sasuke who grabs her ''. Out his name as she began to ask him questions, her efforts to heal overtaxed.

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