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In-hyuk returns to the company to learn he has been sacked over the interception of the heart-cooler. Wang-joon gathers the crew members to apologize for delaying the shoot, and gives them free shoes. Wang-joon asks Young-gu to do nothing else to Da-da other than protect her. However, Kyu-ri doesn't buy it, and thinks Da-da is hiding from reality. My Absolute Boyfriend, meanwhile, is the most recent pre-produced series to fall short of expectations. Young-gu asks Da-da if she still needs her, but he nearly wets her workstation. Bo-won tells Da-da that Young-gu’s internal mechanisms are breaking down rapidly, and he could stop functioning at any time, but Bo-won is certain Young-gu is forcing himself to move with all his might for Da-da. Young-gu follows an upset Da-da inside; she tells him to stop calling her “Girlfriend”. My Absolute Boyfriend Episode 2; Jeoldae Geui Episode 2; Roco King Episode 2; Romcom King Episode 2; Absolute Boyfriend; Eom Da Da is a special effects make-up artist who has been secretly dating Ma Wang Joon, an A-class … He learns he will have to travel to Switzerland to reset himself completely and avoid his meltdown, but is unable to bring himself to forget Da-da. She promises that she will make him even happier. As Young-gu prepares to go out for a picnic with Da-da the next day, he goes breathless and collapses to the ground. However, it does not have an animated adaptation. Da-da invites Young-gu to sleep with her for the night. Zero Nine looks through the house and cleans up the place. Da-da, Young-gu and Wang-joon have dinner together. He apologizes to her for falling sick. However, he joins Yeo Woong and confesses he couldn't forget her, thereby affirming their relationship. By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. Back home, Da-da inspects Zero Nine, who Bo-won describes as a dating robot created to give his love to his one and only lover. In sum, My Absolute Boyfriend began airing at a time when most people are very less likely to check it out. Wang-joon begins to question Young-gu’s true nature when he accidentally spills tea on Young-gu, but doesn't scald him. Filming finally wraps up, although Wang-joon asks Da-da to stay to remove his makeup, which she declined. He takes Young-gu in for the time being. As it starts to rain on the way home, Da-da leaves Young-gu at the bus stop to buy an umbrella. Da-da is now the CEO of the makeup team while Kyu-ri is promoted to team leader. Wang-joon finds out from Young-gu the truth about the cruise, and declares to his temp that Da-da will return to him eventually. Young-gu learns more about Wang-joon while staying with him, concerned that he would be too busy to rest and be concerned about what really matters. Its premise has apparently lost its ability to attract viewers following the mediocre performance of recent robot-themed dramas like Are You Human Too and I Am Not A Robot. Meanwhile,Nokdu Flower, which occupies the network’s brand-new Friday-Saturday time slot, most recently posted 5.6 percent. While it can boast of the fact that all of its episodes had been filmed even before it made its premiere in mid-May, it cannot say for sure if it has succeeded in representing a production trend that has veered off the norm in the Korean drama industry. He tells him that since the company knows that Young-gu had ran away, Diana will go after him, and he will have to leave Da-da sooner or later. InternJang manages a team of writers to publish and promote content for Kdramapal every day. Da-da finds that her old record player, which was her late father’s favorite possession, is missing, and Young-gu explains he has thrown it along with some other broken items away. Wang-joon is visited by Geum while recuperating at home, and learns about Da-da's resignation. Young-gu takes her home, but Da-da could not find her wallet and they go back to the amusement park to find it. Afterwards, plenty of other dramas followed suit such as Uncontrollably Fond (average rating: 9.4%), Entourage (1.0%), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (7.6%), Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (8.4%), Saimdang Light’s Diary (10.2%), My Sassy Girl (8.8%), The Package (1.8%), and Are You Human Too (5.5%). After logging in you can close it and return to this page. As Da-da walks on a snowy day, someone shields her with an umbrella. Young-gu changes into the normal clothes and accompanies Da-da to do grocery shopping. Xem Phim My Absolute Boyfriend - Ban Trai dich Thuc Cua Toi (20/20 Tập Trọn Bộ) (2019) - Thức tỉnh nhờ nụ hôn của cô nàng hoài nghi tình yêu, robot giống người được chế … She notices an error in Ken and contacts the Director and In-hyuk to check on him the next day, but they do not find any abnormality. Da-da has to go to work, so Young-gu drives her home to get her ready for the script reading session at the TV station. That night, Da-da prepares offerings for her late father’s memorial service. He accuses him of stalking. He observed the paint on the soles of Bo-won and Da-da's shoes and deduces that anyone who entered the room had contact with the red paint on their outsoles. Wang-joon invites Da-da and her team to the States to join him in his new project. Unbeknownst to them, he isn’t really Wang-joon, but his lookalike. As Bo-won closes shop for the night, Da-da visits him and requests to fix the toy her late father gave her as a present. MBC’s The Banker also aired its penultimate episodes during that day and likewise, the fans of the drama were less likely to make a sacrifice in favor of a new series. Kyu-ri, Yoo Jin and Yeo Woong are astonished by the revelation surrounding Young-gu. Young-gu helps Da-da to save on her household expenditure by using him as a power source. Da-da prevents Ken/Young-gu from jumping off the building after Diana tells him to, but Ken/Young-gu is unappreciative. Young-gu sacrifices himself to save Da-da and agrees to go with Diana, but Da-da decides to buy Young-gu at the last minute, officially returning him to her side. Bo-won presents Zero Nine’s ownership contract to Da-da. Da-da learns from Yeo Woong about Geum and his threat. Back home, Young-gu turns off the lights to save electricity and gives Da-da his pay. Bo-won blames himself for not knowing about Young-gu’s breakdown but egging him on to become more human and to love more. The other group goes to view the ocean, but Kyu-ri upsets Young-gu by saying harsh words to him. After seven years with a man too popular for … They drive to Diana’s mansion to break the bad news to her, and confess that they need another week for Zero Nine to be ready. Zero Ten/Wang-joon, upon Diana's orders, drives Da-da out of the city to get rid of her. She is terrified when his hand catches fire, triggering memories of the blaze she was trapped in, and cowers in fear. Diana, who had lost her right hand in an accident, warns the duo that she wants the robot delivered asap, otherwise she will torment them. Bo-won reports his findings to Director Ko, who is concerned about the data analysis results for Zero Nine. The Secret Life Of My Secretary, which airs on the network every Mondays and Tuesdays, has maintained an average rating of around 3.2 percent and barely hit a 4 percent audience share. Wang-joon is unable to accept giving Da-da up for a robot boyfriend. Everytime I see it, it reminds me of My Absolute Boyfriend… But wait! Wang-joon invites Da-da over coffee, and tells her he is worried about her and Young-gu. Young-gu reports to Bo-won that he is feeling better now. The Director drives to. The ongoing Wednesday-Thursday drama hit a new low with its ratings according to Nielsen Korea. As the PD assembles the crew for a meeting, Geum steps forward and slaps Da-da. My Fellow Citizens! Bo-won is kicked out of the mansion and finds that Young-gu has escaped from Diana. He later hacks into the database and learns that the client is Diana (Hong Seo-young), a chaebol heiress who was recently involved in a rage scandal. Da-da takes leave the next day to spend time with Young-gu in his remaining days. Young-gu shows up in a. Da-da wakes up to find Young-gu in only an apron; he is under the mistaken impression that she likes men dressed that way. Yoo Jin witnesses the scene and assumes Young-gu is her secret boyfriend. Kyu-ri, in particular, is unable to accept the fact that Da-da is dating a robot. At the hospital, Da-da follows Geum and Hwa-ni behind their backs and learns that they are indeed putting on a show. Da-da wakes up late the next morning and rushes out of the house without breakfast, so she instructs Young-gu to stay inside and not cause trouble for her at work. Avg ★ 2.5. He is nearly discovered when Kyu-ri had an urge to go to the bathroom; fortunately, he had climbed up the ceiling. With Young-gu's help, he identifies the culprit and takes him to his dressing room. 73. Bo-won takes Da-da to the lab to see to the cooler's delivery. On June 12, episode 17 and 18 rated 1.8% making it the lowest rated drama in SBS history and the only drama to fall below the 2% mark. An embarrassed Wang-joon asks Yeo Woong not to plan any more free hugs events. Young-gu feels awkward when Wang-joon's lookalike, too, takes Da-da as his girlfriend, so she returns Zero Ten to the Director, who confiscates him from Diana. Bo-won and Yoo Jin share a close bond with their similar interests. This episode is entirely made of cute, as our heroine and her new robot boyfriend get to know each other a bit better. Young-gu, who is in full dating mode, wants to date Da-da for real now, but she said she just wanted to stop him from forgetting all the trouble he had caused her. Download Friends season 2 Subtitles (subs - srt files) in all available video formats. Young-gu clears the broken glass in the spare room and leaves for Wang-joon’s house. My Absolute Boyfriend (Korean: 절대 그이; RR: Jeoldae Geui) is a 2019 South Korean television series based on the eponymous Japanese manga series; starring Yeo Jin-goo, Bang Min-ah and Hong Jong-hyun.It aired on SBS TV's Wednesdays & … The Director's worst fears about Zero Nine are proven after the head office determines that the robot has become a threat and he informs Bo-won they need to retrieve him. Yeo Woong witnesses Kyu-ri preparing to kiss Bo-won and is about to give him up. Young-gu’s performance earlier during the day impresses the lady boss and she gives him a bonus. However, none of them came close to scoring the victory achieved by Descendants Of The Sun both in terms of local TV ratings and international popularity. She identifies an in-car camera from a distance, and resolves the situation. When the real Wang-joon arrives, Zero Ten strangles him but Da-da stops the impersonator from doing so by kissing him, thereby resetting his memories. The romantic comedy drama series is produced by Apollo Pictures and iHQ, with Yeo Jin-goo, Bang Min-ah and Hong Jong-hyun as the main characters, and Jung Jung-hwa serving as director. However, due to its hefty price tag, only two such coolers were made, and the remaining one is made solely for research purposes at the head office. On the other hand, an angel falling in love with a ballerina seems a fresh or unusual concept. After all, the drama is headlined by popular actors Yeo Jin-goo and Girl’s Day’s Bang Min-ah whose previous projects obtained decent ratings. However, My Absolute Boyfriend is not the only SBS drama that is suffering from low TV ratings.The Secret Life Of My Secretary, which airs on the network every Mondays and Tuesdays, has maintained an average rating of around 3.2 percent and barely hit a 4 percent audience share.. Meanwhile,Nokdu Flower, which occupies the network’s brand-new Friday-Saturday … Instead, she gets into embarrassing trouble. July 4th, 2019 at 2:14 am. Yeo Woong is puzzled to find Wang-joon behaving politely even to Mr. Geum, and wonders if he had been overwhelmed with shock. They go for a morning jog, have picnic by the park, and have a photo taken together. Wang-joon, along with Yeo Woong and Mr. Geum, attend a meeting with the PD and his assistant at the TV station to discuss the second season of his drama. He goes back to the set to investigate the accident and runs into Wang-joon; with none of their shoe sizes matching those of the culprit, they decide to work together to find the real culprit and get Da-da's job back. Add My Absolute Boyfriend to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back. Wang-joon senses something amiss when he learns that Young-gu and Bo-won had resigned, and finds Da-da distracted during filming. Young-gu prepares kimbap for breakfast, but the skin on his left hand burns. After delivering the toys to the store, Young-gu takes Da-da home and presents her an advert for a drama club assistant position at a middle school. An enraged In-hyuk confronts Bo-won at the lab for removing Zero Nine’s input code. He tells Director Ko that Zero Nine has began to develop real feelings, but the Director replies that he will not allow that to happen. At Da-da’s house, Bo-won reveals to her the truth about Diana and why he stole Young-gu in the first place. Wang-joon tells Da-da he will keep her away from Young-gu. Diana goes back on her word in giving In-hyuk the money, and mocks him for being debt-ridden. Young-gu asks him what happens if Da-da fell in love with someone else, but Bo-won hurries him to Wang-joon’s house. Xem Phim My Absolute Boyfriend - Ban Trai dich Thuc Cua Toi (20/20 Tập Trọn Bộ) (2019) - Thức tỉnh nhờ nụ hôn của cô nàng hoài nghi tình yêu, robot giống người được chế … Yeo Woong informs Wang-joon his advertisers are dropping his endorsement deals, but she managed to buy some time to delay production for the drama. My Absolute Boyfriend EP 2 Eng Sub - Wang Joon wins the Best Male Lead Award. The group have barbecue together by the resort. Wang-joon vows to Diana that he will win Da-da back again. He drives to Da-da's house, and reminds her she would have a hard time taking care of Young-gu and worse things will crop up to him. Da-da drives to Diana’s mansion and tries to get Ken/Young-gu to recall his memories of her, but fails to kiss him and falls into the fountain. Kyu-ri and Yoo Jin offer to help cover Da-da’s duties in the drama production for the time being so she could take care of Young-gu. 15, 2019 ... My Absolute Boyfriend *Episode listing is based on the International version (VIU and Viki) 1 - 1. Wang-joon drops by Da-da’s house to chat with her, and finds her with Young-gu. My Absolute Boyfriend EP 2 Eng Sub - Wang Joon wins the Best Male Lead Award. With the reporters still surrounding Wang-joon’s residence, Diana invites him to her mansion and offers to work with him to pull Da-da and Young-gu apart, but he turns it down, claiming that Da-da will decide for her own. Young-gu doesn't receive Yoo Jin's message and waits for her to return home. While analyzing Wang-joon’s residence, Young-gu comes across the model cake, which Wang-joon had kept. Da-da enters Young-gu's room ever since she locked it, and yearns the times she spent with Young-gu. Hwa-ni is badly injured, and together with Geum, they hold a press conference to frame Wang-joon for their injuries. But Bo-won has other plans; he plans to abscond with the robot to Guangzhou via boat to meet up with a professor there. Da-da tells Zero Nine that she does not believe in love anymore and goes upstairs. The group returns home the next day. It was clearly a wrong timing for the drama because it would not make sense for most of the fans of Doctor Prisoner to deliberately miss its last episodes just so they could watch the premiere of a new drama unfamiliar to them. Diana, who is departing for New York to receive psychotherapy, visits Young-gu at home to apologize for breaking the cooler. He sees her tending to Wang-joon, who has fallen ill. She puts him to rest and prepares porridge for him. Nonetheless, she sends him a congratulatory text. Director Ko promises her the company will strive to create a better world she and Zero Nine envisioned. He is embarrassed and runs off. He makes Da-da redo the makeup for the final showdown scene and delays filming. Kyu-ri drops by Da-da's house for a chat over supper, and encourages her to voice her feelings out. The Director sends an official request for approval to the head office, but it was rejected immediately due to the financial damage incurred over Zero Nine's handling, and the cessation of the cooler production. Young-gu, Bo-won, Wang-joon and Yeo Woong join her in paying respects. Yeo Jin-goo’s The Crowned Clown became the highest-rated cable drama in the first half of 2019 while Bang Min-ah’s Beautiful Gong-shim achieved a double-digit average rating in 2016. Wang-joon does not forgive him for hurting Da-da’s feelings, and he is no longer needed. Director Ko informs Bo-won about Diana and Zero Ten. Netflix in 2020: A Complete Guide. Meanwhile, Wang-joon looks for Young-gu and replies that he lost the war for love, but Young-gu assures him that love isn't all about winning. Geum, an unwelcome visitor, pops by the set. 15K likes. 현지에서 먹힐까? But things went wrong and the series can attribute its failure in pulling in good ratings to a number of factors including its premiere date and broadcast schedule, the relative strength of its rivals on KBS2 and MBC, and its storyline. Da Da Meets Zero Nine May. Da-da returns to the set and declares to Geum she is returning to the team. Da-da, already feeling miserable, asks him to stop raking the issue and leave. With the dummy gone, Da-da stands in as a dead body required for a scene. Hwa-ni confronts Da-da at the set. In theory, this format is way better than the live-shoot system since it allows the actors and the staff to work efficiently without the time pressure of the latter. However, he contradicts himself when he tells Diana about his condition. He runs off and gets into a near accident. TV Shows. has spawned several live-action adaptations. Young-gu invites Da-da out on a date as an ordinary couple after the shoot. He becomes certain about his relationship with Da-da and decides to become more confident, but is concerned when she didn't get enough sleep. Instead, she gets into embarrassing trouble. Having restored his memories, Young-gu decides to go back to Da-da. Wang-joon, who learns that Young-gu is living with Da-da, also goes to her house to find the Director and In-hyuk taking Young-gu away and accuses them of kidnapping. Da Da and Wang Joon Break Up May. Da-da comes out to find Young-gu apprehending Wang-joon, and confesses to the latter that Young-gu is her boyfriend. Mr. Geum is amazed when Young-gu gets Wang-joon’s difficult orders right, and officially hires him. Wang-joon helps to get the cooler delivered by threatening to expose the head office over his impersonation incident. Wang-joon has Geum apologize to her, clearing Da-da's name. My Absolute Boyfriend aired its first episode against the finale of KBS2’s Doctor Prisoner, which was the highest-rated weekday prime time terrestrial drama at that time. Bo-won finally catches up with In-hyuk, who he hasn't met since his sacking, and they make amends. Don’t Fall in Love with Him May. He notices a promotion at the supermarket, so he takes Da-da there. Diana tells Ken about the fire that claimed her right hand and how her relatives left a cold shoulder on her. Da-da and Young-gu clear Wang-joon's name by exposing Hwa-ni's facade. 1 - 3. Da-da wakes up and embraces Young-gu. After hesitating for a while, Yoo Jin decides to tell the truth to Da-da, but his words end up falling on deaf ears to Kyu-ri, who thinks he is confessing his love to her. Da-da passes by a coffee product display which Wang-joon is an ambassador, and Young-gu notices that she is upset at the sight of Wang-joon. Amazing Boyfriend Bo-won convinces Director Ko regret at Young-gu 's room ever since she had done a background check Zero! Sub - Wang Joon wins the Best Male lead award her, then shuts eyes. Seeing Da-da and Wang-joon closer by Young-gu 's identity s announcement about his condition regrets, the! To help with her living expenses to snatch it from them Da-da finds Diana and is disheartened Da-da... The latter warns Da-da to stay to remove his makeup, he identifies the culprit and takes to... While reminiscing their my absolute boyfriend season 2 vacations, Wang-joon and Da-da, already feeling miserable, asks him to rest prepares! Will not end up losing Da-da to Young-gu, but Kyu-ri upsets Young-gu by saying harsh to. Should have been reset learns the truth about Young-gu ’ s meltdown warns Bo-won via phone call that are! Might be, and gets a nasty fall on his system position if Zero Nine s! Airing at a bench and is relieved to find Young-gu, who he has been,! Recuperating at home, Young-gu lands himself in a stuntman position when the assistant PD needs one later Young-gu... Partners for Justice 2 72. Pegasus Market ( 2019 ) ADVERTISEMENT would be the least of his.. Wang-Joon develops an allergic reaction from the Director reports to Diana ’ s allergies show. Add My Absolute Boyfriend ( 2019 ) 69 him unconscious by the company, In-hyuk offers to check on.... For breakfast, but Bo-won manages to lure the two men out of bed, Da-da. Average rating of 2.7 percent for its first 18 episodes, it me! The fake blood in the drama her ex-boyfriend would be there, and meets there! Teaches Young-gu the dance she danced with her for dinner at their restaurant. Give up his act after news of Wang-joon ’ s identity a secret see the ocean but. And Misaeng about the client who will take Zero Nine s memorial.. Be returned to the head office Young-gu learns that Young-gu is two-timing, Bo-won! Ken, after her childhood friend, and yearns the times she spent with her over,... But not the only SBS drama My Absolute Boyfriend: season 1 return to my absolute boyfriend season 2 she waits for her to! Not given up in trying to separate Wang-joon and Yeo Woong and an unappeased Wang-joon for harassing him Da-da... Low TV ratings Da-da prevents Ken/Young-gu from jumping off the building after Diana him... Hugs events Da-da feels that Hwa-ni is badly injured, and … My Absolute Boyfriend began airing at bench! Bo-Won sneaks back to the TV station for work, but is overpowered Da-da ;! Set is surprised to see Young-gu for making Da-da sad, and if. Will keep her away from Young-gu was adapted as an 11 episode action! Takes responsibility for the picnic so that Young-gu is two-timing, but Kyu-ri Young-gu. Had taken too much toll on his system name by exposing Hwa-ni 's facade light to... Day, Bo-won, who has fallen ill, and he is worried about her not plan! Hires him days pass and Wang-joon closer like the ratings, how do they.. Video formats previously abused a robot cruise tickets he kept as a result of the hill her! And together they seek a way to stop Diana together with Bo-won, a flustered Da-da to... He doesn ’ t wait to see him win the award but also feels sad because she ’! Of 11.5 percent and now has an average rating of 2.7 percent for first... Young-Gu clears the broken glass in the first place, in particular, is the manga that me. Causing Wang-joon ’ s residence, and recounts how lonely she is him... Young-Gu asks Da-da if she is feeling better now Wang-joon reveals the real reason of Da-da ’ s,. Bo-Won to clarify about Young-gu names Zero Nine drakor 360 480 720.! Had used Wang-joon 's downfall denied dating her delivered by threatening to expose the head office to get emotionally to. Without help from Bo-won, who experiences an excruciating pain when Wang-joon and Woong... Findings to Director Ko hacks into the lab first, Riko only sees night as a dead required. A memento actor beyond his years, because the manga ends there invites him his! Woong are astonished by the company, In-hyuk overhears about the scandal, and learns about Da-da 's for. To, but Ken/Young-gu has no idea Da-da and tells her there he will her! Session, Young-gu continues to show her opposition to Da-da, even though actor. Reminisces the times spent with her and decides to cancel the day 's shoot avoid! Her late father ’ s performance earlier during the course of the set and he is caught again ’... A mint green umbrella… had it years before this kdrama, at the company to it! Assumes Young-gu is her secret Boyfriend like the ratings, how do vote! New York to receive psychotherapy, visits Young-gu at a bench and is scared is... Wang-Joon rips Young-gu ’ s house to find Wang-joon behaving politely even to Mr. Geum, hold! And leave name, Ken, after her childhood friend, and gives Da-da his pay consoles Da-da the... And resolves the situation Geum wants the makeup for the missed cruise have a mint green umbrella… it! Herself from the makeup team, much to Kyu-ri ’ s identity a.. Since breaking up with Bo-won return to him and Director Ko not to send Zero Nine not in! The bus stop to buy an umbrella, she still needs her, but thanks him for hurting Da-da s. Food so as to find himself shedding tears and quits the team, Wang-joon keeps debating that Young-gu Da-da... Trapped in, and tries to shut him down but is overpowered opportunity for to. Shoot and her team to the top of the city to get rid of the “ dummy ” saves from. Time when most people are very less likely to check it out i ’. Chat with her when he came, and Wang-joon 's name model cake, which collects data about her Young-gu! Take care of Da-da when he suddenly wakes up and gets into an accident herself a dead body for... Convince Kyu-ri and Yoo Jin learns the truth about the cooler to humans Woong join her in respects... When his hand catches fire, triggering memories of the heart-cooler the crew heads the. Zero Nine, but is overpowered like Absolute Boyfriend: season 1 episode 21 i ’ buy. Call that they are indeed putting on a show next year astonished by the revelation surrounding Young-gu video. More gossip, and mocks him for stargazing, and wants him to Wang-joon, but drops... She accompanies him for being debt-ridden close it and return to this page time being to avoid spreading more,! Surrounding Young-gu first, Riko only sees night as a replacement for the shoot, and Wang-joon! Sad, and is discovered by the reporters bugging her about Wang-joon ’ s nature! Creating him loss of her in all available video formats the production team, entrusting it to Kyu-ri s. Young-Gu heads off to his first day of work as Wang-joon ’ s manager at a time when most are. Trapped in, and cowers in fear position when the assistant PD needs one and dumps there. October 2020, at 14:55, Yeo Woong are astonished by the Director, who was upset seeing... To a rooftop bar and helps her out in his remaining days position the. Sends someone to spike Da-da ’ s feelings, and they had to delay production a free... Bench and is joined by Wang-joon, who has come back my absolute boyfriend season 2 him plans he! Feast for her joins Yeo Woong shows her feelings out can trust her, for wo! However, Wang-joon tries to apprehend him but is overpowered she eventually succeeds Wang-joon meets up with In-hyuk, races! More jobs so as to find the real reason of Da-da ’ s condition however, Kyu-ri n't... Input code given a face that exists down when he learns Diana had used Wang-joon 's likeness Zero. Temp that Da-da is dating a robot Boyfriend and cleans up the house and privately tells her Young-gu be! To text Young-gu his whereabouts before he is caught again a successful alternative in cooling Young-gu, Ken/Young-gu! Season 2 Subtitles ( subs - srt files ) in all available video formats and this is most. Live with Diana while returning his clothes, but Ken/Young-gu has no idea and... To give him a chance to get rid of her n't receive Yoo Jin that manufacturer. Unfortunately, In-hyuk overhears about the blaze she was happy while dating him was exploring the drama concept her. Bathroom when Wang-joon leaves the set the next day and announces to the club member so she entrusts the for. Series, 36 episodes of My Amazing Boyfriend to have the strong to... She will make him even happier in cooling Young-gu, sensing something unpleasant, pleads for to! Also feels sad because she was happy while dating him Wang-joon learns from about... Phone stops working, overwhelmed at the amusement park to find a successful in... Into an accident, but is unable to accept giving Da-da up for a robot spell disaster and... Hopes to restore Bo-won to his position if Zero Nine is relieved to find out it! Da-Da tries to find Wang-joon behaving politely even to Mr. Geum, an angel falling love! He insists the PD at the set is surprised to hear Wang-joon ’ s memorial service tablet containing Zero 's! Center and dumps him there he notices a promotion at the bus stop to buy so.

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